MOT & Fixed Price Servicing

Arranging a service for your McLaren couldn't be more convenient

Why choose us?

All McLaren supercars are created by a fusion of precision production techniques and handcraftsmanship in the purpose-built McLaren Production Centre. That same attention to detail is apparent in all McLaren Retailers' high-tech, spotlessly clean workshops, which are equipped to deal with the full spectrum of servicing requirements.

No matter whether it's a simple oil change and service or a more detailed inspection after the adrenaline of a Pure McLaren trackday, we're committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


​Our experienced service specialists will arrange your MOT and source genuine manufacturer parts. Please call the dealership directly or complete the enquiry form below to schedule your booking.


Our experienced team of technicians are specially trained at the McLaren Aftersales Academy to deliver the exemplary standards upon which McLaren and its customers always insist, so that your vehicle is guaranteed to be in safe hands, and always maintained using genuine McLaren parts. This ensures that every McLaren continues to deliver to its maximum potential, its comprehensive factory warranty is safeguarded, and its re-sale value enhanced.

McLaren Appointed Bodyshop

Whatever happens, you can trust McLaren's Appointed bodyshops to take the pain out of accident repair.

Roadside Assistance

Enjoy complete peace of mind with McLaren Roadside Assistance.

Tyre Check

Don't let your tyres affect your performance.

Extended Warranty

Now available for all McLaren vehicles (excluding McLaren P1™) for up to 12 years.

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