As the UK government continues to push ahead with its commitment to greener transport, our PHEV and EQ range will help you make the transition.

Plug-in hybrid

Our PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrids) with EQ Power feature either a petrol or diesel powertrain, combined with a HV battery and electric motor. Enjoy hybrid mode for maximum efficiency, or all-electric mode for emission-free driving.


Our Mercedes-EQ portfolio of all-electric cars continues to grow. The new way of driving, provides zero emissions without compromising on performance. As a corporate/business customer, you can benefit from cost savings, including lower benefit in tax, NI1A. Our Pre-Entry Climate Control feature, enables you to pre-set the climate in your car before setting off when registered with Mercedes me.


With our new intelligent services, charging your Mercedes-Benz is the least of your worries:

·        Mercedes me Charge – charging on the go made easy. Access a wide range of public charging stations via your Mercedes me app or navigation system, with precise location, availability and price information

·        Navigation with Electric Intelligence – responds dynamically to the changes that take place both externally and with the car, before suggesting both convenient and time-efficient route, as well as information on charging stops if required

·        Benefit from the convenience and speed of charging at home with bp pulse or Pod Point wallbox. A wallbox is not only quicker and more convenient, but also safer than at the household socket* and can be controlled and monitored via your Mercedes me App.

Electric Ready app

Find out how an electric vehicle could suit your lifestyle with the Electric Ready app.

Simply download the app and drive as normal in your current car. The app will track your daily routes and analyse your driving behaviour so you can see whether an electric or plug-in hybrid car would suit your lifestyle. It also shows you where to find your nearest charging stations and how much charge you would need for each journey. You can even predict how much charge a future journey may take: just enter your start and end points to check before you drive. So, whether you're considering an electric vehicle or are simply curious, download the app today from the App Store or Google Play

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*we do not supply the household cable