MOT Test cover

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Designed for additional peace of mind

MOT Testing with Sytner Mercedes-Benz

Once your Mercedes-Benz has reached 3 years old, you are required by law to have an MOT test carried out every year.

By taking your car to a Sytner Mercedes-Benz Retailer, you can be sure that all work is carried out by a trained Mercedes-Benz technician.

During the MOT test, your approved tester checks that your car meets minimum acceptable road safety and environmental standards. We'll check a wide range of your car's components, such as vehicle structure, exhaust emissions, seat belts, brakes, lights, your windscreen, and more.

Remember, an MOT test is a legal requirement, and if you drive your vehicle without one it can invalidate your insurance.

MOT Test cover

The Sytner Mercedes-Benz MOT Test Cover has been designed to make sure you enjoy using your Mercedes-Benz with maximum additional peace of mind.

MOT Test cover protects the vehicle against the cost of repairing, replacing or altering various parts of the covered vehicle if cited on the Notification of refusal to issue a Certificate (VT30), as being the reason for the failure of the MOT test after the start of the cover.*

The MOT Test Cover forms part of the advantages available to members of The Club - our customer loyalty and added value programme - find out more about The Club

To find out more about MOT Test Cover, speak to a member of the Service Team at your nearest Sytner Mercedes-Benz dealership, or click the link below to book your MOT today.

MOT Test cover – provided by Cruikshank Motors Limited on behalf of the Sytner Group of companies

Privacy & Data Protection Notice

1. Data Protection

Cruickshank Motors Limited (the ‘Data Controller’) is part of the Sytner Group of companies and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation. Below is a summary of the main ways the Data Controller processes your personal data. For more information please visit

2. Use Of Your Personal Data

The Data Controller may use the personal data it holds about you for the purposes of providing this MOT test cover, handling your claim and any other related purpose and to provide you with information, products or services that you request from the Data Controller or which the Data Controller feels may interest you. The Data Controller will also use your data to meet the Data Controller’s general legal or regulatory obligations.

3. Disclosure Of Your Personal Data

The Data Controller may disclose your personal data to third parties involved in providing it with products or services, or to service providers who perform services on the Data Controller’s behalf. These include the vehicle manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, Sytner Group companies, other insurance intermediaries, external law firms, external auditors and accountants, regulatory authorities, and as may be required by law.

4. Your Rights

You have the right to ask the Data Controller not to process your data for marketing purposes, to see a copy of the personal information held about you, to have your data deleted (subject to exemptions), to have any inaccurate or misleading data corrected or deleted and to ask for a copy of your data to be provided to any controller. If you are dissatisfied with our use of your personal data you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority, this is the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

5. Retention

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If you have any questions concerning the Data Controller’s use of your personal data, please contact the Data Privacy & Compliance Team, Sytner Group, 2 Penman Way, Leicester, LE19 1ST.

MoT Test Cover Terms & Conditions

1. You must be a member of The Club* provided by Cruickshank Motors Ltd on behalf of the Sytner Group to qualify for this MOT test cover;

2. This MOT Test Cover policy is only valid in the event your vehicle fails an MOT which was carried out by a Sytner Group Mercedes Benz dealership;

3. The MOT Test Cover excludes the cost of the initial MOT (previous year), this initial MOT fee must be paid to the Sytner Group dealership to make a valid claim for an MOT cover repair;

4. This MOT Test Cover is non-transferable and will not cover any associated costs/MOT costs relating to the stated vehicle if the MOT or repairs are completed by a third party.

5. MoT Test Cover DOES cover:

Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment

Lamps (including Xenon, HID, LED), reflectors, indicators, bulbs, headlamp levelling and cleaning devices (when fitted for HID or LED headlamps) are covered for failure due to breakage and, discolouration, misalignment, water ingress, and corrosion. Failure of the horn, battery retaining bracket/stay/support for failure due to insecurity (please note the battery is not a covered item).

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are covered for failure due to: breakage, water ingress, and corrosion. Switches, instrument panel, warning lights and wiring are specifically excluded.

Steering and Suspension

Manual and power steering units, operation of steering lock (where fitted), drag links, track rods/ ends, transmission shafts, CV joints and boots, shock absorbers, road springs, wishbones, antiroll bar links, swivel joints, mountings, sub frames and wheel bearings are covered for failure due to: wear, seizure, leakage, and insecurity. Steering wheel cracks or fractures.


Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, callipers, discs, drums, electronic parking brake control,

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) components, load compensator, ABS, modulator/sensors and brake pipes, hoses, cables are covered for failure due to wear, leakage, seizure, splits/cracks, corrosion, adjustment and electrical failure. Brake frictional material is excluded.

Seat Belts and Supplementary Restraint System (SRS)

Mountings, belts, retractors and buckles, SRS components including airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners and seat belt limiters are covered for failure due to wear, non-function and insecurity.

Body, Structure and General Items

Vehicle structure is covered for corrosion. Failure due to accident damage is specifically excluded.

Engine mountings for excessive movement/ insecure/fractured or damaged.

Fuel and Emissions

Throttle body, airflow meter, lambda sensor,

EGR valve, catalytic convertor, fuel injection

ECU and DPF sensors are covered for failure to meet MoT exhaust gas emission standards.

Warning lights, fuel leaks, tuning and adjustments are not covered. Any damage caused by contaminated fuel and/or inappropriate fuel is specifically excluded.

Drivers View of the Road

Windscreen wiper arms and blades, windscreen wiper Motors and washer Motors.

6. MoT Test Cover does NOT cover:

a) Any parts which have not actually failed, which are replaced or reported during routine servicing and/or repair of other parts which have failed.

b) All costs in excess of the maximum claim liability of £500+VAT.

c) Any Vehicle used for hire or reward (e.g. taxis, self-drive hire, driving schools, etc) or any commercial Vehicle over 3.5 tonnes GVW or a Vehicle used in any sort of competition, rally or racing of any kind.

d) Any liability for death, bodily injury, or damage to other property or any consequential loss of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from the claim or event giving rise to a claim under this MoT Test Cover.

e) Any damage occurring which is due in whole or in part to any type of accident or any act of omission which is wilful, unlawful or negligent.

f) Any loss, damage or failure which, in the opinion of a qualified independent engineer appointed by the administrator, was caused wholly or partially from a lack of maintenance or neglect in taking reasonable preventative steps.

7. Only one MoT Test Cover claim is permissible during the 12 Month Period of Cover.

8. MoT Test Cover will cease in the event of the Vehicle stated being sold.

9. Any exploratory dismantling charges will only be reimbursed as part of a valid claim. It is the responsibility of the Vehicle owner to authorise dismantling and to pay the charges if such dismantling proves that the failure is not covered by the MoT Test Cover.

10. The MoT Test Cover will not cover any component covered by any other existing warranties or insurances.

11. If any claim is fraudulent in any respect, all benefits under this cover will be forfeited.

12. Cover under this MoT Test Cover may only be granted to individuals residing, or corporate bodies registered in the United Kingdom.

13. The MoT Test Cover is in addition to Your legal rights, and does not affect Your statutory rights as a consumer.

14. This MoT Test Cover does not cover any component noted as advisory on the VT30.

15. You have the right to cancel this MOT Test Cover within 14 days of receiving these terms and conditions. Should you wish to cancel within this period please contact your supplying dealer who will arrange cancellation. As this MOT Test Cover has been provided to you free of charge, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement.

* Membership is available with every purchase of a Mercedes-Benz from any Sytner Mercedes-Benz business, it is also available when you have your Mercedes-Benz serviced with us and renewed every 12 months when your service is carried out.

Details correct at time of publish 06/22.