Order tyres for your Mercedes-Benz.

It's important to check your tyres regularly.

Tyres are the only connection between your car and the road. The condition of your tyres is critical to maintain good handling and safe stopping distances. Tyres have a legal minimum tread depth, and they must be replaced when they reach that point. Driving with damage to the tyre sidewalls is dangerous and can result in a blow-out.

Mercedes-Benz recommend that tyres are replaced when they reach a tread depth of 3mm or if there is any damage to the sidewalls, to ensure the road holding and safety of your car is not compromised.

Mercedes-Benz tyres are designed to match the dynamics of your car, working in harmony with the suspension and drive systems to provide the perfect drive. That's why we recommend you only use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Approved Tyres.

Summer tyres and winter tyres

Summer tyres are what most drivers in the UK would call 'normal' tyres. Their compounds and tread design enable good grip, traction and handling in warmer weather.

Winter tyres contains more natural rubber, designed to minimise the hardening effect on the tyre. This gives them extra grip in cold, wet and icy conditions.

It is not only in icy and snowy conditions that can cause regular tyres to lose their grip. You stopping distance can also be compromised in heavy rain and temperature below 7 degrees.

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