Hello fans!

It's my turn to take over the blog this week, my name is Winnie and you may have seen me around already! Here's abit about me... I'm a black lab, super clever and I love the outdoors where I can roam free and show off my ball catching skills!

3 words to describe me are sassy, zoomy and snuggly - I know what you're thinking - what a great mix! I love it when my pawrents show me attention for being a good girl, but sometimes I have to show them (and my brothers, the kitties) who's boss!

I'm very lucky to live in the countryside as I've said above - I love zoomies and here's some photo's of me in action.

My favourite thing to do is run through the woods, roll in the mud and collect as many sticks as I can find!

My hoomans have a MINI Countryman and I fit perfectly in the back so when I've been on my adventures I can spread out and rest on the journey home. My pawrents love adventures and the Countryman allows me to travel along with them in style and I really do love it!

So floofs, if you're a doggo looking to get your adventure on - get your hoomans to check out Sytner MINI and see which model you prefer! Be sure to go with them as all of the retailers are doggo friendly and you may even get some treats too!

Bark soon,

Winnie x

Winnie in the woods hero