Find out how the race at Snetterton went below:


" So this is my second time ever driving at Snetterton, the first time starting with sensor issues and ending with brake failure.

I went in with a positive mind-set knowing that it couldn’t be any worse than last year.

Qualifying was very frustrating. I felt that the car wasn’t reacting very well to my driving style which resulted in lots of under-steer, causing me to qualify P5 in class which I really wasn’t very happy with.

After a chat with the team, we agreed on making some changes to the setup to try and counter the under-steer that I was experiencing. Another thing I struggled with was my gear selector felt strange and not as direct as normal which caused me to miss a few gears."


"Race 1 was where I tested the changes that were made to the car which did feel better but still not where I wanted it to be. We managed to make a couple of overtakes and finished P3 in class as well as achieving fastest lap in class which showed a good improvement compared to qualifying. Frustratingly, I was sitting in P2 until the final corner where yet again, the gear selector felt very odd and I missed a gear causing me to finish P3.

Race 2 was much better with the car feeling better and having more control than before. I managed to push harder and after a very good battle with Rory and Steve, I finished P2 which I was happy with. From here, we made a further change to the setup to yet again try and improve front end grip and sent it in race 3.

Race 3 was extremely nerve wrecking for me as I was desperate to win a race this weekend. I pushed as hard as I could and the car felt better again and I managed to finish P1 in class after a very tough battle against Ionut who put up a very good fight."


"At the end day 2, we found that part of the gear selector mechanism had broken which was the cause of the strange feeling when changing gear and the lack of direct shifts.

Overall, it was a good weekend picking up 3 trophies and meeting new people and to top it off, I am now leading the championship!

Thank you to everyone who supported me and the team for looking after me.



Images provided by OJL Photos