"The MINI Cooper SE is super fun and easy to drive. Very comfortable and quiet. The acceleration is faster than any hot hatch from the 1980’s. The MINI Cooper SE is the perfect everyday car."

A devoted MINI Electric enthusiast recently shared their love for the car. They praised its iconic design, thrilling electric performance, and eco-friendly aspects. They emphasised the emotional bond they've formed with their MINI Electric, which has not only reduced their carbon footprint but also made their daily drives enjoyable and sustainable. This testimonial showcases the strong loyalty this electric vehicle inspires.

"In June 2023 we decided to change our car for an electric vehicle. Our house seemed ideal for an EV, we have solar panels on the roof and a Tesla Powerwall battery store in the house. We decided to buy the MINI Cooper SE because of the build, quality and MINI styling. There were no expected journeys that would exceed the range and the car would always be charged overnight at home or using any any excess solar generated in the summer months.

We changed energy supplier to Octopus Intelligence which offers off peak electricity at 7.5p per k/w for 6 hours every night. On a full charge the car indicates a range of just over 100 miles however once you start driving this extends out. On one occasion we drove to several places in one day clocking up 98 miles. The car still indicated a 35 mile range remaining.

Our fuel cost have reduced from approximately £120 per month at any diesel prices to just £12 per month of electricity. Less in summer months using excess solar energy." - MR REED - SYTNER MINI CUSTOMER

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The MINI Electric hatchback offers the familiar sense of happiness that the Hatch is renowned for, combined with the thrill and eco-friendliness of a completely electric vehicle. Step on the accelerator to experience the immediate burst of torque, propelling you from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 7.3 seconds. All the while, relish the signature go-kart handling, knowing that you're producing no emissions during your drive.

Charging up is a breeze, to the point where you can do it effortlessly, even while you're asleep. Simply connect to your home charging unit or a standard three-pin socket overnight. Plus, when you're out and about, you'll have access to an extensive network of over 11,000 public charging points.


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