MINI has joined forces with Crayola, the world's leading manufacturer of children's art supplies, to embark on a journey into the imaginative minds of children with the launch of ‘MINI Minds... with Crayola’ – a competition searching for their visions of the cars of tomorrow.

• MINI and Crayola join forces to explore the imagination of children for the future of automotive design.
• Primary school children to predict the cars of tomorrow, as the generation who will grow up with a future dominated by electric cars.
• ‘MINI Minds… with Crayola’ competition to launch 18 September with the winning design coming to life on a MINI Electric.

Children growing up in an era dominated by electric cars are letting their imaginations run wild. They envision cars with giant wings for adventure (67%), electric shape-shifting vehicles (63%), and mood-altering colour-changing cars (51%). This collaboration aims to nurture creativity and boost confidence, as 80% of parents seek new ways to inspire their children, according to MINI's research.

MINI and Crayola have launched a competition for children aged 4 to 10, encouraging them to explore their creative ideas and build confidence. Young visionaries can design the car of the future, whether it's sleek, eco-friendly, or futuristic. The winning design will be applied to a MINI Electric using vinyl wrap, and the winner will receive Crayola art supplies for themselves and their school, along with a private tour of MINI Plant Oxford.

MINI's research found that 83% of parents are inspired by their child's imagination, with 78% keeping their children's drawings and ideas as keepsakes. Furthermore, 59% of parents hope their child will pursue a creative career, associating it with happiness and fulfilment.

In addition, nearly three in five (59%) children expressed concern about the environment, with 76% wanting their future cars to be eco-friendly. The MINI Electric, with a WLTP range of 145 miles and zero emissions, aligns with this sentiment.

Federico Izzo, Director of MINI UK & Ireland, expressed excitement about tapping into the creativity of young designers and inspiring them to shape the future of mobility through the partnership with Crayola.

Jade Childs, Marketing Controller at Crayola, emphasised their commitment to nurturing creative children, offering various art tools and activities. The partnership between MINI and Crayola aims to encourage children to explore their creative minds.

MINI's collaboration with Crayola is all about fuelling children's imagination and boosting their confidence in their creative abilities. The competition challenges young minds to envision the future of cars, with industry predictions suggesting cars in 2050 will be driver-less pods that change colour with an app.

To enter the MINI Minds… with Crayola competition, simply follow the instructions here by October 16th.