MINI Plants Over 8,000 Trees Through Tiny Forest Partnership.

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  • 14th MINI Tiny Forest planted in partnership with Earthwatch Europe

  • Over 8,000 trees planted in total, covering 2,844 square metres of new forest

  • Plantings have engaged over 1,600 volunteers from local areas

  • MINI demonstrates Big Love for communities, creating open green spaces with a sustainable impact


MINI UK has established its 14th Tiny Forest through its collaboration with Earthwatch Europe, resulting in a total combined area of 2,844 square meters of fresh woodland across the United Kingdom.

These compact forests, comparable in size to a tennis court, encompass more than 600 native saplings each. Studies indicate that within the initial three years, these areas can attract over 500 new species of animals and plants.

Over the span of their two-year partnership, the planting of MINI Tiny Forests has engaged over 1,600 volunteers, including schoolchildren, university students, council members, hospital staff, and local community members.

With the recent planting at Coleshill near Birmingham, a Tiny Forest has now been established near each of the three MINI manufacturing sites in the UK. Apprentices from MINI Plant Oxford, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall, and MINI Plant Swindon collectively supported these plantings.

The establishment of these forests has enabled Earthwatch Europe to organize 13 Science Days, during which experts visit schools to educate young individuals about the significance of nature, sustainability, and wildlife preservation.

Federico Izzo, Director of MINI UK & Ireland, reflected on the two-year partnership, stating, “Bringing people together, sustainability and creative use of space are all at the heart of MINI, making Earthwatch Europe the perfect partner to help us put these values into action. I am incredibly proud of the Tiny Forests we’ve planted so far, the green space they offer communities and their positive sustainable impact.”

Ben Williams, Senior Project Manager at Earthwatch, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with MINI has been such an exciting journey. Between Swindon in 2021 and planting the final trees of this season in Coleshill, we’ve planted 14 Tiny Forests together. This included the first Tiny Forest in the Republic of Ireland, which will benefit clients from the Tolka River Project – a drug rehabilitation programme, and their local community. Together we’re making big changes using small spaces. We look forward to where these super tiny, super powerful forests can take us next planting season and beyond.”

Over the past two years, increased biodiversity has been observed in MINI Tiny Forests, attracting seven different butterfly species, such as the Red Admiral and Skipper species, as well as frogs, newts, digger wasps' nests, and over 3,000 ground-dwelling invertebrates.

MINI is excited to continue monitoring the development of its Tiny Forests, the diverse wildlife they attract, and the various ways in which communities across the UK and Ireland utilize them.

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