Women in Business

Showcasing all of the amazing women that work in variety of departments within Sytner MINI.

Blossom Penfold, Business Manager, answers our Women In Business questions

  1. How long have you worked for Sytner BMW/MINI? 5 years

  2. How long have you been in your current role? As a Business Manager only 6 months.

  3. What is your favourite part about your current role? I would find it hard to pin point one element of the job that’s my current favourite, however the element of leadership compared to my sales role is up there.

  4. What motivates you in the morning? To put it simply “my future”. My other half and I have recently moved into our first house, therefore making that a home is my drive to earn money to make it perfect for a family one day.

  5. Three words to describe yourself? Organised, Driven and ambitious

  6. What is your greatest achievement? So far, buying my first house with my partner!

  7. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be in your role? GO FOR IT! Stay in your lane and not get distracted by others. And ask yourself the question, if you aren’t at the top yet, how can you get there?

  8. How have you seen the Automotive industry landscape change and evolve to engage more women? Seeing more and more women in this building alone is a great example. Our head of Accounts, General Sales Manager and Head of Business as a small example. Which makes me want to push even harder knowing its possible!!!! We are now a 50/50 split of women and men in the business which is brilliant seeing as it was always a predominantly male orientated business.

  9. Top tip for how you organise your days? Always try to be one step ahead of the game. The old saying of “a clear desk, a clear mind” works wonders. Have an old school written diary and learn to write everything in it, even if it’s a telephone call at a certain time WRITE IT IN! You can’t go wrong. Have a clear step by step plan and try to stick to it, this doesn’t always happen and that’s okay. Try to finish one thing before moving onto the next. And have a “To Do” list, having everything ticked off by the end of the day is the best feeling!

  10. Top tip for working in the automotive industry? STAY POSITIVE! And ride the ride!