Women in Business

Showcasing all of the amazing women that work in variety of departments within Sytner MINI.

Pavan Gill, Broker Sales Specialist at Sytner Coventry, answers our Women in Business questions.

  1. How long have you worked for Sytner BMW/MINI? I have worked for Sytner for 3 years.

  2. How long have you been in your current role? I have worked in my current role for 1 year.

  3. What is your favourite part about your current role? My favourite part of my role is building new relationships with new brokers and growing my broker network.

  4. What motivates you in the morning? My dad was always my role model, he started his own chrome plating business in 1994 and continued to grow his business from 1 to 3 factories up until his death in 2009, I aim to make him proud with my resilience to succeed not only professionally but as a mother and wife.

  5. Three words to describe yourself? 3 words to describe myself- Strong, Positive and Driven

  6. What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is whilst coming off maternity, I was offered an opportunity to create a new Broker department within Sytner Coventry. I am extremely proud of the opportunity given and even more so as I have managed to grow the department whist raising my 2 children. I hope this inspires working mothers to believe they can still achieve great things as a working mothers.

  7. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be in your role? My advice would be to build great relationships with everyone in every department - it’s one team effort.

  8. How have you seen the Automotive industry landscape change and evolve to engage more women? Working at Sytner Coventry I have seen females filling more none traditional roles. For example we have had females working in our bodyshop and in the workshops as technicians .It’s great to see women in positions based on their skills and not gender.

  9. Top tip for how you organise your days? List, lists and more lists- Highlight daily priorities and work in order of importance.

  10. Top tip for working in the automotive industry? Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

Pavan Gill