Women in Business

Showcasing all of the amazing women that work in variety of departments within Sytner MINI.

Tracey Boxsey, Service Receptionist at Sytner Sunningdale, answers our Women in Business questions.

  1. How long have you worked for Sytner BMW/MINI? I have worked for Sytner for 3.5 years

  2. How long have you been in your current role? I have been in the reception role for as long as I have worked for Sytner, I started in the Sales Department and then moved to Service Team

  3. What is your favourite part about your current role? My favourite part of work is the daily challenges, helping customers, helping staff and keeping all the plates spinning smoothly

  4. What motivates you in the morning? Doing my best to help customers and treating them as I want to be treated

  5. Three words to describe yourself? Happy, Polite and Helpful

  6. What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is learning a lot of computer skills late in life, and then remembering what I have learnt!

  7. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be in your role? To do a reception job you have to be a good listener, patient, resilient and just keep smiling.

  8. Top tip for how you organise your days? I have a lot of lists and post it notes with reminders.

  9. Top tip for working in the automotive industry? Keep smiling, keep happy, embrace your role, give it 100% and never look back.

Tracey Boxsey