MINI Unveils Exhibition At London Design Festival, Titled ‘Nice To Meet You Again’ With Artist Morag Myerscough.

To commemorate the debut of the new MINI Cooper Electric, MINI is extending an invitation to the public to explore its immersive installation named 'Nice to Meet You Again' during the London Design Festival. This creative endeavor is a collaboration with the renowned artist Morag Myerscough, known for her multiple awards.

This installation offers an exciting glimpse into the brand's future vision, highlighting the significance of human connections and embodying the essence of MINI's 'Big Love' philosophy.

MINI and Morag share a common appreciation for imaginative utilisation of space, and this vibrant and colourful installation reflects Morag's distinctive style. 'Nice to Meet You Again' seamlessly blends elements of both rural and urban life, fusing the dynamism of a cityscape with sensory elements reminiscent of the countryside. This amalgamation of serene nature and bustling city communities mirrors the ability of both Morag and MINI to harmonise their designs with the surrounding environment, creating an enchanting experience within the unique setting of the Shoreditch Electric Light Station.

The title of the installation, 'Nice to Meet You Again,' pays homage to the Classic Mini character evident in the MINI Cooper Electric design. This design places emphasis on a simplified and minimalist interior, focusing on elements such as the steering wheel, circular display, and toggle bar. It also aligns with Morag's passion for merging diverse environments.

By immersing visitors in a journey into a future where spaces are adorned with lush greenery and teeming with vibrant life, the installation exudes an infectious sense of optimism and positivity, echoing MINI's signature 'go-kart feeling' and playful spirit.

The installation is open to the public from Saturday, September 16th, until Tuesday, September 19th. Visitors are also welcome to participate in workshops during this time.