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With a range of up to 144† miles from a single charge, MINI Electric can handle hours of adventure without needing to stop. And you can feel good driving all of those miles, because you’ll be emitting 0g/km of CO2. When you do need to charge up, you can do it at one of the 15,000 public charging stations around the UK or at home.

If you follow us on Social Media you’ll know we often conduct Q&A’s for our customers to learn what information you want to know about MINI, we’ve listened to our customers and want to provide as much information about all of our models as we can. First up, with the automotive world making the switch to Electric we want to make sure you have all the information you may need – not just about the car itself but also the process of charging and the initial installation that many customers may find daunting.

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Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered, catch up with our expert Nathan and learn all things Electric:

  • How far can the MINI Electric travel?
    Depending on weather conditions and pre-conditioning the battery the range is between 100-120 miles

  • How easy it is to have a home charge point fitted?
    It is an easy process, you register your details and they come out to survey your house to see if its suitable for your home to have a charge point fitted

  • Which company would you recommend to install my home charge point?
    There are a lot of different reliable companies but we do have a lot of customers that speak highly of pod point

  • What information do I need to provide to the charge point company?
    Initially name, address and telephone number, some companies also require a video of your home and nearest electric point

  • How long roughly is the process from start of communication to a charge point installation?
    Currently, it can take up to 12 weeks due to increased volume of electric sales although this will vary for each company

  • Any tips to make the process of installing a charge point easy?
    Get your charge point in place after you have placed an order so that it’s all ready and waiting for when you collect the car

  • How much can prices vary based on slow and fast charging?
    This would all depend on the customers tariff package with their provider but on average the MINI costs 4p per mile to run

  • Any other information you think our MINI customers may find useful?
    100% pre-condition the battery to prolong range and download the MINI APP as they have everything at their finger tips!

If you still have any additional questions we’d be happy to help, simply contact your local Sytner MINI Retailer today!

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