The new MINI Cooper.

Say hello to the new 3-door MINI Cooper

The new three-door MINI Cooper offers a choice between two petrol engines. It introduces two fresh exterior colours, Sunny Side Yellow and Ocean Wave Green and comes equipped with a revolutionary 24cm circular OLED touch display.

The fifth generation MINI Cooper embodies the brand's essence with its minimalist design and compact shape, showcasing renowned go-kart handling and innovative space utilization. Its silhouette boasts clean lines, short overhangs, and a brief bonnet, complemented by an extended wheelbase to maintain the iconic MINI proportions. Notably, chrome accents are entirely absent, lending a fresh aesthetic to the exterior.

At the front, a distinctive octagonal grille and refined contour define the new look, accompanied by newly designed circular LED headlights that offer three customizable light signatures. The rear features sleek surfaces and redesigned matrix lights, mirroring the functionality of the headlights.

The new MINI Cooper

Available in three trims—Classic, Exclusive, and Sport—the MINI Cooper offers extensive personalization options. The Classic trim accentuates essential elements like the MINI wings logo in Vibrant Silver against a simplified backdrop. A diverse range of exterior paint options, including the Ocean Wave Green and Sunny Side Yellow, combined with contrasting roof colours and wheel selections, allows for individualized expression.

The Exclusive trim enhances customization with features such as British Racing Green exterior paint, Vescin Nightshade Blue interior, and Vibrant Silver front grille. Standard 17” U Spoke Silver wheels, along with optional 18” designs, further elevate the exclusivity of the model.

The new MINI Cooper

Drawing inspiration from the classic Mini, the interior of the MINI Cooper is characterized by its minimalist approach, focusing on three key elements: the new Vescin steering wheel, a 24cm circular OLED display, and a toggle bar. The dashboard features a textile surface crafted using a specially developed knitting process, resulting in a versatile, easy-care material with a two-tone design made from recycled polyester. The optional Head-up Display, positioned behind the steering wheel, ensures all pertinent information is within the driver's line of sight.

Innovatively designed to maximize space, essential driving functions such as the parking brake, gear selector, start/stop key, Experience Mode toggle, and volume control are conveniently located on the toggle bar. A panoramic glass sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, while the absence of a gearstick creates room for a new Wireless Charging shelf. Folding down the rear seats in a 60:40 ratio expands the luggage compartment from 210 liters to a maximum volume of up to 725 liters.

The new MINI Cooper

At the heart of the MINI Cooper’s interior lies a circular, 24cm OLED display, allowing for touch or voice control through MINI Operating System 9.

The upper portion of the screen showcases vehicle-related data like speed and status updates, while the lower section houses Navigation, Media, Phone, and Climate functions. In the Home menu, additional widgets appear in thumbnail view alongside the current menu function. Swiping up from the bottom edge reveals a tool belt for quick access to favorite functions. Other features are accessible through the menu, which defaults back to the home screen via the home button.

Activation of the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) is as simple as saying "Hey MINI," summoning a 3D visualization in the form of a car avatar or MINI’s digital companion, Spike. Interacting with the MINI IPA, drivers can utilize voice commands for navigation, telephony, entertainment, and various vehicle functions.

The new MINI Cooper