The New Advanced Car Eye 3.0.

A camera that doesn’t miss a trick.

The MINI Advanced Car Eye 3.0 monitors vehicles whilst driving and whilst parked with its high-resolution QHD windscreen camera. With its intelligent sensors, the Car Eye 3.0 records risky traffic situations, attempted burglaries and damage to property, even in poor light conditions. The rear high-quality full-HD camera maximises coverage in the event of any disturbances by recording events behind the vehicle. Footage from both cameras can be viewed easily on the MINI Advanced Car Eye app.


  • Automatic recording of situations in front of the car ‒ even when it is parked.

  • Precise recording of the route using the integral GPS receiver.

  • Incidents are recorded by the incident sensor.

  • Direct control using the app. Recorded events can be viewed and archived on a smartphone.

  • Additional voice recognition for brief commands whilst driving.

  • ACE 3.0 rear camera available separate to record situations behind the car.

  • Light-sensitive lens technology deliver detailed recordings both day and night.

mini car eye 3.0