MINI Connected

The sociable sidekick to your driving adventures.

What is MINI Connected?

MINI Connected is the sociable sidekick to your driving adventures. MINI Connected brings you the latest music, information, apps and much more via the MINI Centre Instrument: an attractive high-res colour display.

Key Features include:

Online Search.
  • Search for point-of-interests nearby, directly from your MINI.

  • Transfer search results in to your MINI navigation system within seconds.

  • Give points-of-interest a call e.g. to book a table in a restaurant.

  • Never get lost again, discover interesting places and find your way to them.


MINI Streetwise featuring traffic prediction gives you details of duration, fuel consumption and more, to show you the best way to get from A to B. Collect experiences by recording each trip, try different streets and MINI Streetwise will give you recommendations based on your own preferences. Every option can be viewed and analysed on your smartphone.


Forgotten where you parked? Not sure you've got enough fuel for your journey? No problem. Your MINI Status shows you actual stats on your fuel range, fuel level, last recorded journey, and map directions to your MINI - so you can always find it again.

Unlimited Sounds.

The music never stops in a MINI. Hook up to your playlists on your smartphone, discover new music via leading MINI Connected ready apps.


Your MINI's vital statistics in the palm of your hand, literally. See how far you've come together, how many days you've spent in each other's company, and more. Now you're well acquainted, why not give your MINI a name, and upload a photo?


The MINI Connected App is available to download for IOS & Android devices.