MINI Personalised Pricing

MINI Personalised Pricing has been designed specifically with older models in mind. If your particular car is over three years old, then you can enjoy preferential rates on servicing. As a result, you never have to worry about compromising on quality maintenance.

If your MINI is over three years old, MINI Personalised Pricing offers up to a 40% discount on any parts needed when your car is serviced at a Sytner MINI Centre.

Each service is completed in line with the schedule set by MINI. This means that your car gets the required service items at the correct time, which ultimately maximises fuel efficiency and longevity.

In addition to the above, each personalised pricing service is completed using genuine parts by one of our fully trained technicians, who will ensure your vehicle is serviced to the high standards that you would expect from MINI.

3-7 Years: 20% discount on parts required

7-10 Years: 30% discount on parts required

10+ Years: 40% discount on parts required