MINI Teleservices.

Making Life Effortlessly Convenient.


Wherever you are, we’re right by your side. MINI Teleservices is a collection of innovative and intelligent features which deliver greater convenience and efficient servicing processes. And what’s more, Teleservices is standard on MINI Hatch & Clubman models from March 2016 and Convertible models from July 2016.

MINI Teleservices enables connectivity between MINI and the car itself. This intelligent technology triggers an alert if the battery is low, if maintenance is required or if a service appointment is coming up.

What’s more, an instant connection with Roadside Assistance means help can soon be at hand, should it ever be required. As a result, drivers can enjoy greater peace of mind while staying focused on the essentials.


MINI Teleservices works alongside MINI Connected, to provide you with effective and continuous care throughout your MINI ownership. If you wish to change your MINI Service Partner, you can submit a request using the Teleservices form below.


As soon as a service is needed, your MINI’s service related data will be sent to your MINI Centre via Automatic Teleservice Call. Your MINI Centre are then able to retrieve this data, analyse it and contact you to arrange a service or maintenance appointment.

Your benefits:

  • You are free to concentrate on the more important things in life. We’ll do the remembering for you.

  • Optimum preparations mean that forthcoming work can be carried out more effectively and you can avoid spending long periods without your MINI.


If the charge level of your MINI’s battery drops below a critical level, the MINI Teleservice Battery Guard will become active. If the reason for activation can be attributed to a technical fault, your MINI Centre will be notified immediately and will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Your benefits:

  • Stay in the driving seat. Battery problems are detected faster - and resolved faster.

  • You can avoid unnecessary disruptions and benefit from greater security.

  • If your MINI needs to be seen, your preferred MINI Centre can prepare more effectively for your visit.


If your MINI happens to run into technical difficulties, the MINI Teleservice Breakdown Call function allows you to contact Roadside Assistance directly from your car. Once contact is made with an Agent, detailed technical data is sent directly from your car to allow a quick and accurate remote diagnosis.

Your benefits:

  • Always on call, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

  • Roadside Assistance agents can gain a detailed picture of the condition of your MINI remotely based on data transmitted directly from the car – meaning an effective and efficient resolution can be found.


If you didn't sign up to Teleservices when you purchased your car, you can sign up by filling out the form below and either take a photo of it or scan it and email it back to us at