The most powerful Rolls-Royce ever — a spiritual successor to the Phantom Coupé and an emblem of artisanship in perfect harmony with electric technology.


Spectre positions Rolls-Royce’s entrance into the electric world as a stamp of leadership — and the beginning of an era that will see the entire model portfolio electrified by 2030.

Its visionary design reinvents timeless iconography, setting a clear path toward the marque’s first all-electric decade.

Spirit of Ecstasy, Redesigned - The Spirit of Ecstasy embodies the marques audacious and intrepid sense of evolution. Her iconic form has seen many iterations since her inception in 1904, when the sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes debuted the first of numerous interpretations. For Spectre, the iconic figurine undergoes yet another transformation. The new design depicts her riding the wind at a lower stance, her reimagined robes flow delicately in her wake. These subtle enhancements modernise our emblem; an aerodynamic muse — for who speed is an intrinsic extension of her grace.



Spectre’s uncompromising character is articulated through lines of sculptural purity. Its straightened form is exciting in every sense; the fender line evokes dynamism, while the waft line sharply tapers at the front, creating the illusion of motion even when the car is still. Throughout the journey, Spectre remains self-assured, gliding with unbridled athleticism. Designed as a stylistic connection between Spectre’s front and rear, the vertical brightwork of the tail lights pay homage to the iconic Illuminated Grille and its upright vanes.

Rolls-Royce designers affectionately refer to the rear lights as an ‘island of detail’ because of how their smooth panels rise gracefully out from Spectre’s rear silhouette, creating a single meeting point where all lines of the elegant fastback design converge.

Spectre presents a never-before-seen exterior colour option, Chartreuse — a vivid shade replicating the green tones of the French liqueur originally made by monks in the mountainous region of Grenoble, France. Like the liqueur, the hue boasts a mesmerising richness and depth, inviting the viewer’s eye to linger.



Spectre’s Architecture of Luxury — a bespoke aluminium space-frame underpinning the model — now fits 23” wheels for the first time. The effect is impressive from an aesthetic and performance perspective. For drivers who find themselves upon icy, snow-covered surfaces, coupling the wheels with winter tyres is relished.

Spectre’s doors are the largest of any Rolls-Royce, measuring 1.5 metres in length. Their generous size makes the act of entering and exiting the motor car a graceful act. Open and close them with the touch of a button. Think of their effortless technology as a built-in chauffeur, always on hand and at your perennial service.

The arrival of Spectre brings with it the Aero Two-Tone finish. Pronouncing Spectre’s strong design lines and athleticism, the upper colour runs across the bonnet and along the sweeping fastback roofline — excluding the side pillars and creating a bold stripe down the body. The audacious colour split further animates Spectre’s on-road presence.



Rolls-Royce’s iconic split headlights have not been seen since Spectre’s spiritual predecessor, the Phantom Coupé. Spectre builds upon the original, visually arresting design with two components — upper daytime running lights and a lower, four-clamp cluster that brightly illuminates the road ahead.

In the full light of day, Spectre is spellbinding. Its formidable beauty and charisma command instant recognition and respect. The Illuminated Grille expands upon this notion, ensuring the motor car’s enchanting presence is equally felt after dark. The glowing grille is the widest of any Rolls-Royce. Its metal vanes are meticulously angled; the effect ‘shapes’ the air and bends the light, creating a wondrous radiance that draws observers in. At night, Spectre’s identity is unmistakable.


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