Managing your SEAT ID

Read up on everything from how to set up your account to deleting it if you go on to sell your SEAT.

Set up your SEAT CONNECT account

Download the SEAT CONNECT app from the App store (Apple or Google Play).

Create your SEAT ID with your name, country and email address and then register your SEAT to link it to your ID.

Download the SEAT app for Apple
Download the SEAT app for Android

SEAT Connect

Renewing with SEAT CONNECT

SEAT CONNECT is easy and can be done from your car if you have the SEAT Leon, Ibiza, Arona, Ateca or Tarraco with a navigation system. Watch the video to see these steps in action.

Fresh start?

When it’s time to upgrade to a shiny new SEAT, you can restore your car’s factory settings and delete your SEAT ID in just a few simple taps. This way, you can be sure your user data will be completely removed.