SEAT Brake Maintenance

Your braking system is made up from many complex components which include brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid. It is vital for your safety that your braking system is well maintained and regularly checked. When you have a service your dealer will check and identify any problems but if in doubt please ask your dealer for a free check.

Replacing Brake Pads:

WHEN? Brake pads should be checked every 12 months - when they need replacing will depend on the rate of wear

WHY? Brake pads are part of your cars braking system. therefore they are essential to the safe slowing and stopping of the vehicle. As they wear out over time they need replacing to maintain the safety of the vehicle

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Should your vehicle front pads need to be replaced, our SEAT-trained technicians will replace the pads using SEAT-approved parts covered by a two year warranty.

Replacing Brake Discs:

WHEN? Brake discs should be checked every 12 months - the rate of wear depends on the driving style of the individual driver.

WHY? As brake discs are part of your cars braking system, they are integral to the safe stopping and slowing of your vehicle. As the brake discs wear the vehicle will have less braking efficiency. It is not always necessary to replace both brake pads and discs at the same time; however our trained technicians will always advise on the correct repair required.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Brake discs should only ever be replaced in pairs (e.g. fronts together or rears together) Should your vehicle brake discs need replacing our SEAT trained technicians will replace the discs using SEAT-approved parts covered by a two year warranty.

Brake Fluid Change:

WHEN? Once your SEAT is three years old and then once every two years.

WHY? Brake fluid naturally absorbs atmospheric moisture. If the brake fluid is not replaced in the correct in the recommended schedule there is a risk that the fluid could boil due to excess moisture build up, which effects braking efficiency and ultimately leads to failure of the braking system.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Our brake fluid change service includes checking for leaks, draining and bleeding the brake system of brake fluid, replacing it with new fluid and testing the system. SEAT trained technicians will carry out the work using specialist equipment. Once completed the service book will receive an authorised SEAT stamp.