SEAT Warranty

We've got you covered

Standard SEAT Warranty

When you buy a new SEAT from North Wales SEAT you automatically qualify for a 3 year vehicle warranty. This consists of a 2-year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty and a third year warranty with a 60,000 mile limitation*

Your SEAT will also be covered with a three-year paintwork warranty and a 12 year anti-perforation warranty.

The first two years

If a fault in manufacture or workmanship occurs during your warranty period, a member of the SEAT authorised service network (regardless of whether they were the original supplying dealer) will carry out work that is required under the warranty free of charge. Any part that is replaced becomes the property of SEAT. The replaced parts are covered for the duration of your warranty.

The only preconditions are:

  • Normal wear and tear service items are excluded from the warranty cover

  • If you have modified the vehicle by the addition of accessories or other equipment, you may be charged for the removal of such equipment, if so required to effect a repair

  • The warranty of the vehicle is not affected by any change of ownership of the vehicle

The third year

After the first two years of warranty your vehicle will be covered by a third-year warranty if:

  • The vehicle has not exceeded 60,000 miles

  • The vehicle was imported by SEAT UK and supplied through the SEAT UK authorised dealer network

Your warranty will terminate at the end of the third year, from the date of your original registration or at 60,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Should the mileage exceed 60,000 within the first two years, the two-year manufacturer's warranty will still be valid, but you will not automatically be covered for a third year.

SEAT Extended Warranty for New Cars

It's reassuring to know you're covered for the cost of unexpected car repairs. And you can enjoy this feeling for up to two years longer with a SEAT Extended Warranty. You can choose a SEAT Extended Warranty to last until the end of the 4th year/up to 75,000 miles or until the end of the 5th year/up to 90,000 miles, whichever is the soonest.

SEAT Extended Warranty for Existing Cars

You choose the level of cover you need. 

If your current vehicle warranty is either about to expire or has just expired, we are able to offer you two levels of cover – 'named component' and 'all component'.

Whether you choose to cover all or some of the key components of your vehicle, SEAT's Extended Warranty cover gives you peace of mind when you need it the most.

Not only is our Extended Warranty cover great value, we also make sure that all warranty repairs are completed by SEAT Approved Dealers with SEAT trained technicians fitting SEAT approved parts with a two-year guarantee - so your car benefits from the best of SEAT care and expertise.

Get in touch to set up your cover.