Bodyshop & Cosmetic repairs.

Keep your smart looking fresh.

Cosmetic repairs carried out to smart standards.

Dents, scratches, scuffed wheels and other cosmetic damage to your smart are inevitable and over time these minor imperfections can not only lower your car's visual appeal but also reduce the value of the car.

To help keep your car looking its best, we have established Cosmetic Repair Centres at all of our Sytner smart dealerships , where repairs are carried out by skilled technicians working to smart standards and using approved products to ensure that your car is repaired correctly and cost effectively whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. As we only carry out cosmetic, not major accident, repairs we can complete the repairs in shorter timescales than a normal bodyshop would do.

Repairs available include, but are not limited to:
  • Dents: large or small dents can be repaired.

  • Scratches: these can often be polished out, if not the panel(s) can be resprayed.

  • Wheels: we can repair minor damage to the wheels, or we can even change the colour(s) of the wheels.

  • Replacement panels: such as genuine bumpers and wings etc.

Our prices are transparent and inclusive of VAT. The price quoted, will be the price you pay.

sytnerdrive Accident Aftercare

There may unfortunately be a time when your smart is involved in an accident and the repairs required are too large to be carried out at our Cosmetic Repair Centres however we can still look after you and your car through our Sytnerdrive Accident Management programme.

Despite what your insurance company may lead you to believe you have a legal right to choose where to take your car for repair. All of our dealerships have agreements with smart approved bodyshops who have the necessary training and equipment to ensure that your smart car is repaired correctly and safely to smart standards using genuine smart parts: so if you should have an accident contact us first and we will be pleased to assist you.

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