Volkswagen's First Full Electric SUV

Volkswagen have created their first full electrically driven SUV generating zero local emissions and is produced with a carbon neutral balance. The SUV market is very popular with an increasing number of customers purchasing an SUV every year, compact models are booming in European markets. Volkswagen have created an SUV which offers a fully electrical driving experience for the very first time. The ID.4 offers the space, flexibility and all the benefits customers appreciate about SUVs.

The ID.4 has everything a customer will want in an SUV, it has an all-round talent that can be driven in a sporty yet also easy and comfortable way. The ID.4 has an impressive battery range, it stores up to 77 kWh of energy which enables a range of up to 520 km. The electric drive motor, positioned at the rear axle which also guarantees a centre of gravity that is ideal for driving dynamics and balanced handling. It generates 150 kW (204 PS) – enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and deliver a top speed of 160 km/h. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive’s strong grip and its 21 centimetres of ground clearance, the E-SUV also performs well in gentle off-road terrain. The modular electric drive matrix grants ample space in the vehicle interior with a compact exterior dimensions. The interior of the models is both modern and homely with its variant of colours and materials available.

We Charge: You Can Charge Anywhere

Along side the ID. range Volkswagen are introducing to the market, they are also launching a complete package for convenient, connected and sustainable charging of electric cars under the name We Charge. This then enables Volkswagen ID. owners to charge their electric vehicles anywhere, whether you are at home, out and about or on a long journey. The ID.4 can be recharged with direct current to cover the next 320 km at a direct contact quick-charging station in around 30 minutes.

Aligned with this feature Volkswagen are also establishing an ecosystem of sustainable electric mobility surrounding ID. models. ID.4 customers will receive a vehicle that has been produced with a carbon-neural balance. As the trends change in the automotive industry, electric seems to be the most challenging in the history of automotive, Volkswagen have been supplementing the brand's traditional product portfolio with the ID. family, which is the brand's new, independent product range. Following the compact ID.3, the ID.4 is Volkswagen's second fully electric model. In the future Volkswagen will be competing in the globally booming compact SUV market with the ID.4, the brand will be investing eleven billion euros in electric mobility by 2024 as part of the Transform 2025+ strategy.

Spacious Interior

The ID.4 boasts superior comfort, it includes electrically adjustable seats, a tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, acoustic glass, 3-zone Climatronic system and an electrically operated boot lid as standard. The top of the range model also comes perfectly equipped in terms of operation, connectivity and driver assist systems, there is a head up display, central 12-inch display, comfort mobile phone interface, travel assist, side assist and emergency assist are all on broad the ID.4.

The ID.4 has a length of 4.58 meters, it divides the space for occupants and technology in a completely new way in favour of passengers. Colours and materials are modern, contemporary whilst also being homely. The luggage compartment boasts a capacity from 543 to 1,575 litres depending on the rear seat backrests position. Different equipment are available for the ID.4 these include an electrically driven boot lid, roof railing and a towing bracket. The ID.4 does not have switches and buttons, it is based on two displays, one of which diagonally measures up to 12 inches and features touch functionality, the "Hello ID." voice control system which can control features in the SUV.

Dynamic Appearance

The SUV's exterior has an athletic ultra-modern appearance, its clear, flowing design is inspired by nature and guarantees very good aerodynamics. The headlights on the standard range of the ID.4 are completely equipped with light-emitting diodes while it's tail light clusters have been fully equipped with technology. The headlights on the higher spec of the ID.4 has interactive IQ.Light LED matrix which are even more progressive, they welcome the drivers with swivelling lens modules and generates an intelligently controlled main beam. These headlights have been paired with the new 3D LED tail light clusters, the tail lights are particularly homogeneous and light up in an intensive red colour. The dynamic SUV has large wheels with a diameter of up to 21 inches underline the vehicle's character.

The interior of the new ID.4 also has a modern appearance, the new ID.Light features a narrow light strip under the windscreen, a head-up display is available to blend a host of displays with reality, for instance navigation arrows directing the driver to it's destination. The Discover Pro navigation system bring We Connect Start online services on board. The IQ.Drive assist systems make driving easier and a more relaxed experience with it's Travel Assist system.

What more could you want in an all electric SUV, take a look at the new ID.4.