The Arteon Shooting Brake eHybrid

Plug-in Hybrid



​The new Arteon Shooting Brake eHybrid is a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and TSI petrol engine. The vehicle starts in virtually silent, electric-only mode, producing zero local emissions. When the hybrid mode is activated using the driving profile selection, the 1.4-litre four-cylinder combustion engine combines with the 85 kW (115 PS) electric motor to reach a boost system performance of 160 kW (218 PS). Let your new Arteon decide how best to combine its two drives for optimum performance, making longer journeys more efficient or using the combined power to accelerate from 0-62 MPH in 7.8 seconds.

With a purely electric range of up to 38 miles (Elegance trim) – measured using the new WLTP method – your new Arteon Shooting Brake eHybrid is proof that efficient mobility is no longer a vision of the future, even off-road, thanks to plug-in hybrid technology. And on top of that, it’s virtually silent in e mode and produces zero local emissions.


The eHybrid drive is available in the Elegance and R-Line equipment lines, where extensive comfort and design highlights like the innovative 3D-LED tail light cluster with dynamic turn signals, the Digital Cockpit Pro and the Discover Media navigation system comprising streaming & internet are all standard.

In addition, the Elegance and R-Line trims offer further equipment options such as;

- An extended selection of paint finishes, some of which are exclusive

- A wider selection of wheel rims

- Diverse interior options with various colours and materials

- Sports seats


Can the touch of a button really put you in a good mood? Yes, it can. Whether purely electric or a combination of electric motor and combustion engine, simply use the active control to select the driving mode of your choice. Hybrid mode combines the power of both drives, ensuring exceptional efficiency.

Tap S: tapping the selector lever once will activate S driving mode (sports program). Now you can draw on the full reserved power of the hybrid drive and enjoy the journey ahead with a smile on your face. Tapping the selector lever again will return you to the efficient D driving mode.


A full charge doesn’t have to take that long, it's easy to charge your new Arteon eHybrid. Just connect the charging cable to a socket at home or to a wall box such as our ID. Charger. Using the latter will mean that the lithium-ion battery is fully charged after about 3.5 hours. And if you’re not at home, there are over 100,000 charging stations available throughout Europe where you have cash-free and contact-free payment options.

Finance Options

With a range of finance products available, it’s never been easier to take the wheel of your new Volkswagen Arteon.

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