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Connected car refers to everything related to in-car internet connectivity in Volkswagen vehicles. Depending on the type of car you are driving, it covers We Connect, We Connect Plus, Car-Net Guide and Inform in-car information services, Car-Net Security & Service, battery management for electric cars and also the ability to connect to your smartphone within your car so that you are always in touch and on top of things.

With all systems available to you all in one place, the VW ID, you'll enjoy a seamless experience when using our Volkswagen apps.

We Connect

The majority of new Volkswagen vehicles are We Connect ready for you, thanks to the permanently installed eSIM card, your Volkswagen is ready to go online from the day you purchase your new vehicle. You can also use the Volkswagen We Connect app to connect your smartphone with your new Volkswagen vehicle. The We Connect app gives you access to specific vehicle functions and vehicle status. More information on the benefits can be found

Connect to your volkswagen in 4 easy steps

Why use the mobile online service.


We Connect Plus

In-car information services, previously known as Guide & Inform.

With the We Connect Plus, formally known as Guide & Inform, you will be better informed while driving. Get news that you are really interested in, search for exciting destinations in your area or programme your navigation system from the comfort of your own home. But that's not all that We Connect Plus can offer. You can see an overview of all the services here.

We Connect Plus Features
Compatible with Discover Navigation infotainment system.

Online Traffic Information

Save yourself time and stress: With ‘Online Traffic Information’ you can keep a constant eye on the current traffic situation and thus avoid traffic jams in good time.​

Destination Import

Send individual POIs to your vehicle’s navigation system before the journey even begins with ‘Destination Import’.

Personal Point Of Interest

Lists of favourite personal destinations can be saved in the ‘Personal POI’ section of the customer portal and imported into the vehicle’s navigation system.​


Don’t hear it from others. Select your own news feeds and import the latest stories from the customer portal to your Volkswagen.​


With the ‘Weather’ function you have an insight into the latest weather conditions at your current location and destination while you are on the road. It even takes into consideration the expected time of arrival.​

Fuel Info

The ‘Fuel Info’ search function gives you a fast overview of nearby filling stations, their opening times and current fuel prices.

Parking Info

The ‘Parking Info’ feature shows you free parking spaces in your area and also provides information on prices and opening times.​

Online POI Search

The Online POI Search displays places in the area requested. These are downloaded from the Internet and are always up to date.​

We Connect Go

Your personal car companion.

Thanks to the We Connect Go app, your smartphone connects to your Volkswagen via Bluetooth using the DataPlug, turning your Volkswagen into a networked car in no time. This applies for many new vehicles and models from 2008. With We Connect Go on your smartphone, all important vehicle information is available at your fingertips; from service information and fuel consumption, to your parking location and tips to drive more economically. Get information about your car directly to your smartphone by downloading the app today for free and purchasing a DataPlug at your local retailer. Install the DataPlug from your Volkswagen dealership and follow the activation instruction in the app.


For a better overview.

Your digital vehicle log records all your journeys from start to finish, together with the date, time, duration, route taken and cost per trip. Using the detailed view, you can analyse your driving style and check out statistics on mileage, driving time and average speed whenever you wish. You can also specify a purpose for your journey and export the data for all your trips in a convenient PDF form.

Driving Style

For more efficiency.

In the Driving Style section, the app records acceleration, braking, speed, rpm and coolant temperature data in graphical form and automatically calculates your "Efficient Driving" score. Collect points for efficient driving and improve your style with the help of hints and tips provided by the app for the various efficiency categories.

Fuel Monitor 

For greater control over costs.

The Fuel Monitor records all your fuel fill-ups and stores the data in a handy overview. If the app notices that you have filled up with fuel, you automatically receive a notification and have the option of adding additional details. This ensures that you always know when you last filled up and can keep track of what it costs you to keep your vehicle on the road each month.​

Parking Space

For more time.

This shows you where your vehicle is located, displaying the date and time of when you parked as well as the duration your car has been parked there. Additionally there are two buttons - Route and Share – which allow you to be guided back you your Volkswagen or send the vehicle location to other passengers.

Service Partners

For more convenience.

This displays our Volkswagen retailers and Authorised Repairers and allows you to call them directly from the app; enabling you to stay in touch with Volkswagen Service even when you're on the road. Do you have any questions on the performance of your vehicle? Simply send over the vehicle data to the Service Partner of your choice via the app and arrange a Service appointment tailored to your precise needs.

Assistance Call

For more safety.

This section enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button if you have a technical problem or even an accident.

We Connect Security and service

We Connect Security and service features functions that will make your journey even safer. The service package offers you mobile access to important vehicle functions and combines security with transparency for even more comfort. Whether for Service Scheduling, Vehicle Health Report, Automatic Accident Notification, Breakdown Call or the Online Anti-Theft Alarm, you can call up support in every situation and they will provide you with all they key information you need regarding your mobility. The We Connect Security and Service app also has additional features such as Parking Position, if you've forgotten where you've parked you Volkswagen this feature will tell you where you've parked. Driving Data, Vehicle Status, Doors and Lights, Area Alert, Speed Alert and Horn and Turning Signals.

App Connect

App Connect – Volkswagen currently offer three interfaces for connecting with smartphones: Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ by Google and Mirror Link™. The wireless connection option for the Discover Media, Discover Pro and Ready 2 Discover navigation systems makes the use of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ by Google particularly simple in We Connect-ready vehicles.

The App Connect services can be used in conjunction with the following infotainment systems:

Composition Media

Discover Navigation

Discover Navigation Pro

Apple CarPlay

With CarPlay™ from Apple, you can manage selected apps from your iPhone while on the move. The apps can be operated with all the ease that you’ll have come to expect from an iPhone. Maps, phone, news, music – everything just at the touch of a button. And if you choose, you can even operate the system by voice control. As well as the apps from Apple™, CarPlay™ supports other apps such as Spotify, Stitcher, & Skype​

Android Auto

Android Auto™ from Google enables you to operate suitable apps safely from your smartphone using the Android operating system while driving. With Google Voice, you operate everything by voice input, and you can listen to songs using Google Play Music, Pandora or Spotify, for example. Many other apps are also already supported.  As well as the apps from Google™, Android Auto™ supports other apps such as Joyride, Podcast Player, Spotify, Stitcher, Umano, & Pocket Cast

Mirror Link

Smartphones are handy, always within reach and have a suitable app for every situation. MirrorLink™ means you no longer have to be without this practical assistance even when you're behind the wheel. Simply connect your smartphone to your car and use your Mirror Link™ app conveniently on your infotainment system screen.

Shared Audio

Music unites. So does ‘Shared Audio’. That's because this app lets everyone contribute their favourite songs to a joint playlist via streaming and play them in the car.

Sound Journey

The ‘Sound Journey’ feature turns every trip into a song, which is generated based on the driving data and a musical genre. It can also be recorded if desired.

Think Blue. Trainer

The ‘Think Blue. Trainer’ app analyses your driving style and gives you training exercises so that you can drive even more efficiently in future.

Call & Remind

Whether you need to call a business partner, plan a customer visit or simply remind yourself to do something, with Volkswagen Call & Remind you can make a note of all these little tasks and gradually work through them as soon as the traffic situation allows.

Drive & Track

Be even more vigilant on the road: Drive & Track records your journeys and voice notes so that it can provide helpful information about the route with every new journey.

My Guide

Every journey is even more fun with the ‘My Guide’ app. Taking into consideration the weather, time of day and vehicle location, it suggests exciting destinations in your area.

Only available in conjunction with the “Composition Media” radio system or the “Discover Media” and “Discover Pro” navigation systems. App Connect includes the MirrorLink™, CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ technologies. The availability of these technologies may vary from country to country. Please note that “App Connect” is only supported by a handful of mobile phones currently on the market. Volkswagen works together closely with major smartphone manufacturers to promote widespread support for App Connect. For current information on the compatibility of new mobile phones and ones that are already on the market, please visit

*The two security & service functions require a customer account to be set up in the Car-Net website **Only available in conjunction with "Composition Media" radio system or the "Discover Media" and "Discover Pro" navigations. Car-Net "App-Connect" includes the MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™. The availability of these technologies may vary from country to country. Car-Net “App-Connect” is already supported by many mobile phones and Volkswagen works closely with major smartphone manufacturers to enable support for Car-Net App-Connect technology. For current information on the compatibility of new mobile phones and ones that are already on the market, please visit