BMW Motorrad M Performance


The essence of BMW M embodies a commitment to excellence and a fervent passion, integrating racing technology for unparalleled perfection and peak performance. This proven formula has achieved remarkable success spanning over five decades. From design and ergonomics to materials and craftsmanship, every detail is meticulously considered in grams and millimetres, aiming for enhanced power on both roads and race tracks.


Enter the realm of M packages and M Performance Parts, which play a pivotal role in customizing your motorcycle to precise specifications. This tailoring ensures maximum performance while maintaining optimal control and safety. Your determination to perform at the highest level is paramount, and we provide the components and opportunities to elevate your performance continually.

Regardless of whether you navigate the roads or conquer the race track, our advancements are consistently aligned with the ethos of motorsport, relentlessly pursuing a singular objective: achieving top-tier performance.


Our models with M Package

S 1000 RR

The superbike delivers formidable power both on the road and the racetrack, complemented by cutting-edge technology that extends its top-tier performance to every riding scenario.

S 1000 R

BMW Motorrad's most dynamic roadster, this naked bike possesses a relentless spirit, inheriting the genes of the RR in both its chassis and engine, ensuring a pulse-quickening experience at all times.

S 1000 XR

Confronting the demands of navigating corners while covering extensive distances, this motorcycle seamlessly blends the aggression of an athlete with the ergonomic design and comfortable seating position of a long-distance performer.

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