Ready for Winter?

Winter Driving with Sytner BMW.

Winter in the UK is a tricky thing, as you are never sure if it’s going to snow or, when it does come, how long it’s going to hang around. But in actual fact, on average there are 15.6 days a year when snow actually settles on the ground in the UK. So, despite it being unpredictable, it’s still worth being prepared and ready to go – lock, stock and emergency shovel.

In the event of snow, an emergency kit can be extremely useful. It is a selection of tools that can help in various situations, from needing to remove snow from under your tyres to contacting roadside assistance.


  • Tow rope

  • A shovel

  • Wellington Boots

  • A hazard warning triangle

  • De-icing equipment

  • First aid kit

  • A working torch

  • A car blanket

  • Warm clothes

  • Emergency rations

  • Mobile phone / charger

BMW in Winter

Facts you may find useful in the Winter...

As the seasons change you may notice changes in your BMW too, don't be alarmed as they may be completely normal. Read below a series of things that may change as we head into the colder months...

  • Poor handling, loss of grip or sliding on snow or icy roads due to reduced grip

  • Your car may struggle to drive up steep hills when the ground is icy or snowy

  • Automatic stop/start will stop working when the temperature is below 4°C or when your windows or being demisted

  • There may be a warning sound when starting the engine or driving to indicate the temperature has dropped below 4°C

  • The snow flake symbol warning light will appear when the temperature drops below 4°C

  • Outside temperature reading flashing, indicates the temperature is below 4°C

  • Traction control light flashing while driving (indicating system operating)

  • Your windscreen washers can often freeze if the temperature is very low meaning they can be stuck

  • ABS warning light flashing when braking (indicating system operating)

  • Windows may freeze in certain temperatures and weather conditions meaning they will not open when prompted


As the weather begins to change and we head towards winter, make sure your BMW is ready for everything the colder months have in store. Our trained technicians only use Genuine BMW Parts so your car is always working as its best.Our BMW Winter Health Check is just £39.99* and our experts will ensure your car's important components are in good working order. They'll also top up key fluids, including screen wash, engine oil, AdBlue^ and antifreeze.

*Terms and conditions apply. Maximum one litre top-up per fluid.
^AdBlue top-up applies to certain models only. Offers ends 31 December 2022.
Subject to availability.