BMW Supports New National Parks Projects

Nature restoration, wellbeing and projects encouraging more sustainable tourism will be supported in all 15 of the UK’s National Parks, across the three-year partnership with BMW.

  • Nature restoration, wellbeing and projects encouraging more sustainable tourism will be supported in all 15 of the UK’s National Parks, across the three-year partnership with BMW

  • BMW commits to supporting National Parks UK in helping them to become better connected, increasingly sustainable and more biodiverse

  • First five projects are across Scotland, Wales and England in the South Downs, Eryri (previously Snowdonia), North York Moors, Dartmoor and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Parks

  • Enhancing the recharging network for electric cars in all the UK’s National Parks is a key part of this project

  • Partnership reflects BMW Group placing sustainability at the centre of its strategy and to reaching net zero, across the entire value chain, by 2050 at the latest

recharge in nature

On June 1st, 2023, BMW UK and National Parks UK have revealed the next stage of their collaboration. They have selected the initial five destinations for the Recharge in Nature initiatives, which will be implemented in the South Downs, Eryri (formerly known as Snowdonia), North York Moors, Dartmoor, and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Parks across the United Kingdom. These projects aim to foster sustainable tourism, improve overall well-being, and contribute to the preservation and revival of nature and biodiversity. Additional initiatives will be introduced in the remaining National Parks by November 2025.

This collaboration aims to invest in improving the charging infrastructure throughout the UK National Parks, as previously announced in October of the previous year. By installing Pod Point charging stations at strategic points within the parks, it will facilitate access to these scenic areas for vehicles with low emissions and minimal noise levels.

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The Parks themselves proposed the specific initiatives for the Recharge in Nature projects, tailoring them to their individual needs and priorities. These projects will expedite the progress of National Parks in their priority areas, yielding significant and measurable outcomes with potential long-term effects.

One of the biodiversity-focused projects within this partnership is exemplified by South Downs National Park, where the restoration of dew ponds is taking place. These ponds are an iconic element of the South Downs landscape. Due to the impact of climate change, characterised by hotter and drier summers, 70 percent of the National Park's ponds are either in poor condition or have completely vanished. With funding from BMW, this project aims to restore the ponds, creating a vital nature corridor that will support various wildlife species including frogs, toads, dragonflies, hedgehogs, and bats. Moreover, the ponds will serve as an educational resource within the National Park, attracting visitors for learning sessions and raising awareness about the crucial role these habitats play in supporting animal life and biodiversity in the park and its surrounding areas.

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Also included in the first wave of Recharge in Nature projects in 2023 are:

  • Loch Lomond & The Trossachs – Development of a transport project to run over the peak summer months, aimed at providing more sustainable travel options to the National Park, reducing emissions and pressure on local roads, as well as making popular locations more accessible to visitors who don’t have access to a car.

  • Eryri (Snowdonia) – Restoration of natural flood defences to enhance farmland and protect precious rivers, lakes from phosphate pollution.

  • Dartmoor – Expansion of a youth nature engagement scheme to create the next generation of custodians of Dartmoor National Park.

  • North York Moors – Support provided to disadvantaged young people from across the Northeast to have an active volunteering role in the National Park and their community.

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BMW UK's backing of National Parks UK is a testament to the company's dedication to embedding sustainability and pursuing a future that is both carbon neutral and circular. This commitment extends globally, with the company aiming to achieve climate neutrality throughout its value chain no later than 2050. By 2030, BMW aims for a minimum of 50 percent of its global sales to consist of fully electric vehicles. Additionally, by the same deadline, BMW aims to reduce the life cycle carbon footprint of its products by 40 percent compared to 2019 levels.

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Chris Brownridge, CEO, BMW UK, commented: “Sustainability is at the heart of our business and, with biodiversity and the health of nature more important than ever, we’re delighted to support a range of local projects within the National Parks, helping preserve these precious landscapes for future generations. The UK’s amazing National Parks are far more than just green spaces, they act as vital hubs for communities as places of learning and wellbeing.

“This partnership is part of a wider decarbonisation and circularity strategy that’s been committed to by the BMW Group; taking responsibility for developing new solutions for our vehicles and beyond. The National Parks projects takes this a step further in helping communities and nature thrive in harmony, supporting both people and the environment simultaneously.”

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Naomi Conway, Director, National Parks Partnerships, commented: “Our partnership with BMW UK is helping the National Parks to be better connected, more biodiverse and increasingly sustainable, benefitting both local communities and tourists. These projects highlight the different ways that National Parks, with the right support, can deliver so much for nature and for people.”

For more information about BMW Group UK and the Recharge in Nature Project visit: bmw.co.uk/nationalparks

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