What apprehensions you might have about going Electric?

Your questions answered.

In this section we look at some of our most frequent concerns that we have come across with our customers when they are thinking about going Electric. Read on to learn more...

Electric cars don’t have a long enough range.

The days when electric cars had to stop to recharge every 60 miles are long gone. Real world driving range of the BMW i3 today is around 160 miles – much more than the needs of the average driver.

It takes forever to charge an electric car.

It doesn’t. Sure, if you plug it into a domestic power outlet with a completely empty battery, it might need to be left overnight to fully recharge. But if you use a DC Rapid Charger, which can be found on almost all key routes across the UK, you could get enough charge in just 20 minutes.

The UK infrastructure isn’t there to support electric cars.

There are now more charging points than petrol stations in the UK and this is increasing all the time. There are rapid chargers across most key routes in the UK charging from 50kw and up to 150kw/h.

Batteries are an electric car’s Achilles heel.

BMW guarantees its batteries for up to eight years or 100,000 miles. That is far longer than any typical person owns any car, electric or not. In truth, batteries should not be viewed more or less critically than the drive units of conventional cars. This extended warranty on the battery shows the confidence in the battery technology.

Electric cars are too expensive compared to combustion engine vehicles.

The initial cost of an electric car may indeed be higher. But maintenance and operation costs are significantly lower. And over time, the savings you make from charging as opposed to fuel and everyday running costs really add up.