The Benefits of going Electric.

Electric driving is here to stay. The ever expanding BMW fully electric range can take you on your journey with zero driving emissions, all-electric ranges between 173-380 miles* and more than 24,000+ UK charging points**, isn’t it time you explored the benefits of electric cars?​


If you are able to regularly charge your car then on a cost per mile basis, an all-electric vehicle can provide fuel savings when compared to combustion engines. To discover your potential savings use our journey fuel cost calculator using the links below.
Further savings can be made in certain cities that offer free or subsidised parking for low emission vehicles and all of our electric models currently (as of August 2021) qualify for the London Congestion Charge exemption with CO2 emissions less than the 75g/km criteria – saving up to £230 per month


BMW uses ECONYL® yarns to make its headliners and floor mats for the BMW i3, BMW iX and other models. Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Sustainability BMW Group Design, sees this as a logical consequence of the growing environmental awareness at BMW. “It is important to us to use recycled materials as the basis for these products. ECONYL® nylon, which is made from old fishing nets and other nylon waste, is a good fit for our needs… of course any product that is made from recycled materials must look flawless and provide outstanding quality.” Plus, compared to petroleum-based nylons, manufacturing nylon from recycled materials produces 90 percent less CO2.


Back en route in record time: BMW’s partner IONITY provides high-power electric charging stations for ultrafast charging along Europe’s main transit routes. The technology of the high-performance electric vehicle charging stations automatically optimises the charging speed to the maximum that your high-voltage battery allows. So a short coffee break is usually enough to sufficiently recharge your vehicle.


Business users benefit from the lower Benefit in Kind Tax (BIK) for all electric and efficient plug-in hybrid vehicles in the UK. Drivers of all electric vehicles receive preferential rates of just 1% in 2021-22 and the tax rate is frozen at 2% until at least 2025 to encourage uptake.