A league of their own

Introducing the BMW Grand Klasse Luxury lineup, where you'll discover unmatched comfort, opulence, and outstanding performance, making it a uniquely lavish choice in the world of luxury vehicles.


Get familiar with the BMW GKL models – an array of outstanding cars to suit different tastes and driving preferences. The question is, which one of these fantastic vehicles will best match your needs and style?

7 series
Front design

The front of the latest BMW 7 Series boasts a distinct identity, thanks to the illuminated BMW kidney grille and split headlight units, crafted exclusively for their luxury models, setting it apart from other BMW offerings.

7 series
Cutting-edge atmosphere

The BMW Curved Display, My Modes, and the BMW Interaction Bar in the cockpit promise a captivating driving experience, while the second-row seats, complete with the BMW Theatre Screen and optional reclining function, offer unparalleled comfort and luxury.

7 series
Pinnacle of Luxury

The exterior exudes sophistication, while the interior is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, blending premium materials with advanced technology for a truly luxurious experience.