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Electric driving is here to stay. Join the thousands* of drivers who enjoy the revolutionary performance and savings of the BMW i3. With zero driving emissions, an all-electric range between 170-190** miles, thousands of UK charging stations, and annual fuel savings of up to £1,342*** versus a petrol car, isn’t it time you went electric?

Everything about the i3, every detail and every feature, is designed for life in and around the city. Driven by a locally emission-free electric motor, the BMW i3 guarantees mobility wherever you need it. Not surprisingly, the BMW i3 also qualifies for a full 100% discount in the London Congestion Zone.

Ecological considerations aside, the BMW i3 also makes a strong impression with its breath-taking acceleration at low speed or from standstill. It is always ready for the road and to explore new avenues. With style and a trend-setting design for electrifying driving pleasure.


With an emphasis on natural materials and modern design the BMW i3 creates an exclusive and innovative experience for driver and passengers. The pioneering, innovative approach has created a new understanding of mobility that has sustainability at its heart.

The BMW i3 and BMW i3s are both up to 85% recyclable. The battery modules can, for example, be reused as solar energy accumulators, and the excess carbon fibre is partially recycled for use in the production process.

In addition to this, approximately 27 used plastic bottles go into every car. These recycled plastics form parts of the seats and doors.

The BMW i3 produces zero driving emissions, thus reducing air pollution. More importantly, it's easy to charge with "green energy" or with energy generated by your own solar panels. What's more, the carbon fibre used for the BMW i3 is manufactured using half the energy normally required and entirely with hydroelectric power.


Charging is effortless, with easy and convenient charging methods, you can always rely on your i3.

The BMW i Wallboxes - These are simply mounted onto the wall of the house or garage and then connected to the homes electrical system, allowing for 70% faster vehicle charging than with the standard charging cables.
Public charging (AC) - Unlike a conventional household power socket, public AC charging stations have a higher charging performance and can charge the high-voltage battery of the BMW i3 to 80% of its full capacity in under three hours.
Public rapid charging (DC) - A DC (direct current) public charging station enables you to charge your BMW i3 extra fast. The energy is transferred with a constituently powerful current directly to the vehicle's battery. In this way, the BMW i3 can be charged to 80% of its full capacity in under 40 minutes. DC charging stations may be part of the BMW i Public Charging service ChargeNow.
Household power socket (AC) - Charging has never been easier: The BMW i3 can be charged to 80% of its full capacity at any conventional 230-Volt UK household power socket in approximately ten hours. All you need is the standard charging cable. To ensure a safe charging process, the socket should be checked by an electrician beforehand.

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