Maserati MC20

Introducing the Maserati MC20. The first of it's kind.


Maserati enters a new Era with the MC20, the all-new super sports car that combines performance, sportiness and luxury in the unique Maserati style. Maserati is long known for its comfort and elegance on the road and now strikes back with ferocity on the track: a car that runs but doesn’t sweat.

The MC20 represents the purest form of speed, with Maserati panache. A work of sculptural engineering seemingly hewn, piece by piece, showing the way to the brand’s aesthetic future. Created through a process of elimination, there are no frills and no excess: just energy. MC20 is an archetype, carved for speed, which also features the brand-new Nettuno Engine with patented technology, derived from F1 for a roaring 3.0L V6 630HP Engine.

The form of MC20, which will also be available in convertible and electric versions, is composed of a chorus of elements singing in mechanical perfection. A design that expresses pure performance and matches it in elegance. A design that transcends the confines of mere appearance giving way to this dynamic creature.


The MC20 is a car with incredible aerodynamic efficiency, which conceals a sporty soul waiting to be discovered. The latest edition to the Maserati brand features the all-new Nettuno engine. A 3-litre, 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine that delivers 630 horsepower, 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 2,9 seconds and a top speed over 325 km an hour. This unique engine features Formula 1 technology, and is located at the rear of the vehicle in keeping with traditional racing configurations.

Designed component by component by the engine specialists of the Maserati technical department Modena, Italy it has the most advanced technology of any road-car engine on today's market. This technology is now available for the first time, on an engine destined for the road.

The MC20 is an extremely lightweight car under 1,500 kg (kerb weight), and thanks to its power output of 630 hp it comes out best in class in weight/power ratio, at just 2.33 kg/hp. This record is achieved through the use of choice quality materials, exploiting all the potentials of carbon fibre without any sacrifices with regard to comfort.


Every inch of the MC20 is crafted for a one-of-a-kind driving excitement. The interior of the car is inspired by classic racing minimalism but also with the distinctive Maserati, luxury touch. Finished with truly luxurious details of the finest Italian leather and carbon fibre.

The driving seat controls of the MC20 are essential, functional and rational. The entire focus is on the driver, and the desire for optimal performance. Everything is designed to help him to get the most out of the Maserati, without distraction.

The MC20 has four bespoke driving modes: Wet, GT, Sport and Corsa. Each one is identified by its own colour: Wet- green; GT- blue; Sport- red; Corsa- yellow. Each driving mode has been created to fit your driving style in a range of conditions, to get the most dynamic and enjoyable driving experience.


The MC20 interior is luxury with purpose. Every detail heightens the connection between you and your MC20.

In the driver's seat, nothing distracts from the sporty experience. It has an essentials-only interior - each component serves a practical purpose. However it does not compromise on luxury- each component is made up of the very finest materials. The carbon fibre in the interior is matte in finish, for a more tailored, fabric-like look to express the coming-together of fashion with performance and engineering.


A new range of colours have been created for MC20 and will remain exclusive to this model. The range comprises six colours:

  • Bianco Audace

  • Giallo Genio

  • Rosso Vincente

  • Blu Infinito

  • Nero Enigma

  • Grigio Mistero

The colour of the MC20 is not mere colour, it is substance. It is a dynamic colour, originated and inspired by great models of the past. All the colours were evolved by combining two factors: one is a strong reference to Italian design and workmanship, Italian identity; the other is an aspect more linked to the Maserati legacy, meaning the brand's history and some historic models, together with their reinterpretation. Behind each colour lies a great deal of development work that combines the coating's leading-edge technology.

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