Maserati MC20 Cielo



A new, one-of-a-kind Spyder, taking the driving experience to a holistic.

Designed to excite the senses in every detail the MC20 Cielo delivers an unrivalled experience. With uncompromised performance, it is time to enjoy the duality of two worlds; being able to see more when the roof is retracted and enjoying the same acceleration, power and driving dynamics as its twin - the MC20 Coupe - when closed.



Poise and purity of driver engagement behind the wheel of the MC20 Cielo is paramount. Drive Mode utilises unlatched turn logic in order to effortlessly select the respective driving modes: GT, Sport, Wet, Corsa and ultimately ESC Off. With various boost levels from the Nettuno engine and associated stiffness of suspension, enjoying the complete package of the MC20 Cielo is just a seamless shift of a switch away. Usually, when structural rigidity and weight are compromised, so is handling and outright performance. Through stringent attention to detail nothing on the MC20 Cielo has been compromised. With the roof either closed or open no concession is made to performance drop off, ensuring an immersive and thrilling driving experience. The quest for aerodynamic perfection has resulted in a fully integrated extension of the overall design. The result is supercar performance propelling the MC20 Cielo to 0-62 mph in just under 3 seconds and comfortably to over 320km/h (199 mph).

While performance and driving dynamics are at the heart of the MC20 Cielo, safety is also always a primary consideration. With a surround view camera, Automatic Emergency Braking and pedestrian/cyclist recognition (AEB) and Traffic Sign Information (TSI) available as options to complement the rigorously safety tested chassis, a sense of confidence is instilled in the balance between power and protection.



Oceanic hues inspired by the sea and the restless energy beneath the waves are captured in a mesmerising new colour available exclusively for the Maserati MC20 Cielo: Acquamarina. As it reflects the sky and the sea shimmering and shifting in motion, it is always restless, always moving forward.

The colour works in complete harmony with the sensuality of the sculptured metal suggesting the power and adrenaline that lies beneath its breathtaking form. Dramatic effect doesn’t stop when the MC20 Cielo stands still. While remaining a spyder in the purest sense, the doors shift upwards and outwards towards the sky as they open. Without compromising weight or performance, every arrival is an event.



A world of sound, information and seamless interactivity awaits in the cabin of the MC20 Cielo. With a powerful sound system, the MC20 Cielo creates a perfect sensory experience - all through the interactive next-gen interface R1 10.25” screen.

Clean, fluid lines dominate the overall design vision of the MC20 Cielo and with the top open or closed nothing from an aesthetic point of view has been compromised, only enhanced. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind tunnel technology, the results have helped sculpt the MC20 Cielo’s purposeful stance and pure sporting soul. Thanks to the, unique in its class PLDC glass, with the sky above, even when closed, you can switch from matte mode to clear mode in an instant with the Cielo button.



The theme of intricate design detail is continued in the lavishly appointed cockpit of the MC20 Cielo. A place where Italian craftsmanship seamlessly combines and complements cutting edge technology. This is your haven, a contained, liveable space designed as much for excitement as functionality.

The spirit of Maserati presents itself in unashamedly bold terms on the MC20 Cielo. From the stylised Trident emblem adorning the engine bay, to the unique Cielo badging and personalised Alcantara® interior specs, there can be no doubt as to the intent of the MC20 Cielo’s origins and the legacy it represents.


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