Pagani of Manchester

Horacio Pagani

“More than four thousand stylistic drawings, ten scale models, one wind tunnel model, two 1:1 scale models and countless ideas, research and experiments on eight complete prototypes for a team effort that lasted more than six years. We put our passion, effort and sacrifice into creating something timeless and cutting-edge in terms of technology. After being completely absorbed by this strenuous creative process, the ideals represented by the project became so intimate to me,
that any attempt to describe it would have seemed inadequate. Almost by chance I came across an old article by Robert Puyal, in which he described the first Zonda in 1999 in a surprisingly insightful way, following a principle of simplicity and elegance similar to what I have sought from day one in the new project. So I suggested to my colleagues in the communication department to invite him and let him narrate this new stage of our journey.”

What would be important for the next Pagani hypercar? Horacio Pagani certainly had his own ideas, but he asked his closest clients, those who eagerly await each of his creations, to express their wishes. They already had exceptionally fast and beautiful cars, what were they still missing? Three terms stood out almost each time they replied: simplicity, lightness and the pleasure of driving. In its development, the C10 project therefore went against the main trends of the time. No heavy batteries, no hybrid power, just a wonderful V12; no dual-clutch system, just a pure seven-speed manual or automated transmission.

Pagani Utopia

The Pagani V12 engine, a 6-liter biturbo specially built by Mercedes-AMG for Pagani, is the result of an enormous development work: it delivers 864 bhp and, above all, a prodigious 1100 Nm of torque. It revs higher and is both more flexible and more powerful while meeting the most stringent emissions regulations, including those in force in California.


As we discover his latest work, it is the path taken by its creator that fascinates us. Horacio Pagani builds the cars he has dreamt of. And it is to fulfill his highest aspirations, those closest to the impossible, that, as a very conscientious engineer, he seeks to serve the dreamer. In the land of dreams, you need a guide: the great Leonardo da Vinci has always been a crucial figure for Pagani. It is under Leonardo’s aegis that he has always believed that it is possible to combine art and technology.

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