Our Partnership with GreenTheUK

We're extremely proud and excited to have partnered up with GreenTheUK to support a wide range of wildlife projects.

In 2023/24, with expert foresters, we'll be planting 2,710 climate-resilient trees and 50,000 square metres of wildflower pathways.

GreenTheUK helps businesses support local wildlife projects, ranging from planting climate-resilient trees, wildflower meadows, and sea kelp, to protecting endangered species. Working with the Royal Forestry Society they plant the right trees in the right places, giving the trees the best chances of survival against the threats of climate change and diseases.

Sytner VWG are supporting GreenTheUK projects by boosting environmental action and amplifying local impact. During 2023/24, we'll be planting 1,350 trees as close as possible to our 12 sites across the UK with trees planted in Hampshire, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and beyond. At the end of the planting season, we'll share our case study displaying a map of where our trees have been planted, the range of species and their benefits to local wildlife. 

As well as this, we'll be planting 1,360 trees in UK woodlands, with GreenTheUK choosing the woodlands to ensure maximum impact and results.

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In addition to woodlands, we'll be planting 50,000 square metres of wildflower pathways across the UK and in our local areas to connect bees and pollinators. Planting locally across West London and North Wales, we'll be working to benefit our local communities as well as planting on scale across the UK. 

Wildflowers are beautiful living spaces for wildlife, providing food and shelter for insects, mammals and birds. Since the 1940s, the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, an area equivalent to the size of Wales. This decline has affected insect populations, which have declined by 60% in the last 20 years.

Partnering up with GreenTheUK will help to protect insect populations and all the species that rely on them. We encourage our customers to take part in the Bugs Matter Survey in Summer 2023 to help monitor pollinators and collect data whilst on your car journeys.

Buglife and GreenTheUK encourage you to plant your own wildflowers, whether that's in window boxes or gardens!


The Royal Forestry Society has education at the heart of its charity, inspiring passion and excellence in woodland management so that forests are actively cared for and maintained, prioritising the long-term health of woodlands. 

Last planting season, GreenTheUK and The Royal Forestry Society planted over 60 different types of species which is excellent for biodiversity and improves woodlands resilience to pests, diseases and climate change.

Top Tip: If planting your own wildflowers, allow early flowering species like dandelions, daisies and clovers to bloom in early Spring by avoiding using a lawn-mower - this will give insects a head-start with pollination. 

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Supporting UK wildlife projects, delivering measurable local impact, and supporting the growth of conservation projects local to businesses.

Royal Forestry Society

The leading UK education charity dedicated to sharing knowledge on the art and science of woodland management


The only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. Actively working to save our rarest little animals.

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