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perfect from every angle ​

​Authenticity, precision and purpose. The Superb's new design conveys each of these in style. The perfectly balanced exterior proportions, sporty silhouette and dynamic horizontal lines have been enhanced, complemented as ever by razor-sharp angles throughout.​ The new Superb has been completely revolutionised in terms of technical sophistication, design and functionality whilst still retaining its signature styling and luxurious interior.​ Its packed with thoughtful touches to ensure every journey is a great one. 

Innovative interior

A car interior needs to be more than spacious and inviting, it needs to be intuitive too. Where everything is designed to enhance the drive. Whether that’s the position of the controls, the precision of the dashboard or the clever use of ambient lighting. With the virtual cockpit, you can find all the information you need right in front of your eyes. The 10.25" digital display replaces the traditional instrument display and can be customised with four views. The Tri-zone climate control feature allows different temperatures to be set for the driver, front and rear passengers. 

big on finishing touches

With the virtual pedal, you can open your boot when none of your hands are free simply by doing a 'kick motion' underneath your luggage compartment. As well as this, there are hidden compartments for your valuables, making life that tiny bit easier and an umbrella located in the front doors, meaning a spot of rain will never dampen your spirits again.
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