Concept Study

The seven-seater VISION 7S concept study gives us a first view into ŠKODA’s new design language which combines robustness, functionality and authenticity.

The all-electric SUV offers generous space for up to seven passengers and numerous Simply Clever details, rounding off the top end of the brand’s product portfolio and customer base. The concept study is based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electrification Kit (MEB) and has an 89kWh battery. This delivers a maximum range of more than 370 miles, in the WLTP cycle.

New front view with Tech-Deck Face

The VISION 7S is the first model to feature ŠKODA’s new, striking design language. Along with the Tech-Deck Face at the front end, it sports a solid underbody and aerodynamic roof lines, enhancing its efficiency. At first glance, the long passenger compartment hints at the generous interior space.

The front of the vehicle also incorporates familiar design elements, such as the signature ŠKODA line. The redesigned ŠKODA wordmark replaces the brand’s picturemark and is complemented by a new ambient light strip. This extends across the entire width of the vehicle at the upper edge of the front section and features illuminated graphics. The so-called Tech Deck Face embodies a modern reinterpretation of the familiar ŠKODA grille. Though it has similar lines, the Tech-Deck Face is significantly flatter and wider than the previous styling. The ribs have been replaced by dark glass that conceals the vehicle’s sensors.

New T light cluster, front and rear

The narrow headlights are positioned further outwards and arranged in two rows, one above the other, extending the four-eye light cluster to form a ‘T’. The daytime running lights extend well into the wings and form the sharply-defined upper line of the ‘T’, visually framing the front. The rear LED lights are also arranged in a ‘T’. Again, the upper line extends laterally into the wings. This design accent is repeated on the camera exterior mirrors as well as the sensor door handles, which are recessed into the body and arranged vertically.

Robust bumpers with distinctive air intakes

The bumpers at the front and rear of the VISION 7S are particularly striking. They’re made of durable, recycled tyres. This material is also used for the wheel arch linings and adds a rugged visual highlight. Seven vertical air intakes are integrated into the front, through which air is directed to the cooling systems and brakes. The VISION 7S has nine vertical air outlets in the rear bumper. A control element in bright Flashy orange is located in the centre of both the front and rear. These can be pulled out to serve as hooks. They can also be used to safely cut off the vehicle’s high-voltage current from the outside, if required.

High tornado line and gently sloping roof for aerodynamic efficiency

A high tornado line separates the solid underbody from the side windows and emphasises the powerful shoulder sections through its curve. The squared-off wheel arches beneath it are prominent and clearly recessed. The wheels have a diameter of 22 inches; the aerodynamically-optimised rims are almost completely closed. Additional air outlets are positioned between the wheel arches and above the side skirts. These act as running boards for the portal doors that swing up in opposite directions and also have cover grilles. These grilles channel the warm air generated from cooling the high-voltage battery to the outside.

The right interior for every setting

The VISION 7S represents a compelling further development of ŠKODA’s interior concept, combining a spacious, protective interior for up to seven passengers with a complete reconceptualisation of the natural human-machine interaction (HMI).

A sense of safety and protection is conveyed by the innovative child seat, which is mounted in front of the second row of seats on the centre console opposite to the direction of travel. All of this is surrounded by durable, sustainable materials and many new Simply Clever ideas.

The interior of the VISION 7S embraces its (up to) seven passengers with the spaciousness typical of a ŠKODA as well as a feeling of safety and protection. The interior is symmetrical, giving all passengers the same generous sense of space.

Driving and relaxing: two interior configurations

The VISION 7S offers passengers two different interior configurations, with a rotating central touchscreen and sliding elements to create the perfect ambience for different situations – driving and relaxing.

While driving, all the controls are in their ideal position, within easy reach for the driver, and the central 14.6-inch touchscreen is oriented vertically for enhanced accessibility and information stacking.

The interior transforms in one elegant, synchronous movement; the steering wheel and instrument cluster slide backwards away from the driver and passengers to create additional space. The first-row seats rotate inwards and recline for extra comfort. The seats in the second row also recline. All passengers can then enjoy a more comfortable seating position and a better view of the screen, which rotates to a horizontal position to optimally display the entertainment content.

More Simply Clever features

The VISION 7S introduces a new series of Simply Clever features for which ŠKODA is famous. The air vents on the dashboard work in a discreet, diffuse mode until more direct ventilation is needed; at the touch of a button, they slide upwards to provide a direct stream of air.

Passengers will also find magnetic surfaces under the floating centre console, where metal ŠKODA drinks bottles or a first-aid kit can be securely attached. The VISION 7S also includes practical backpacks that are attached to the seat backrests with magnets and can be taken with the family on days out.

A large panoramic glass roof floods the interior of the VISION 7S with light. In front of the central screen on the instrument cluster is a large crystal that indicates the battery and charging status of the VISION 7S using different colours. This can be seen easily from outside the car.

Sustainable materials and ambient lighting

The entire interior is trimmed in a mix of sustainable, durable materials. The upper part of the dashboard and doors are finished in dark artificial leather and bordered by indirect ambient lighting that emphasises the protective wrap-around design. The lower parts, such as the dashboard and the door armrests, are trimmed in a lighter artificial leather that echoes the exterior colour Explorer green and is accentuated by direct ambient lighting.

The central zone of the door panels is upholstered in a black fabric made from recycled polyester yarns. Recycled fabric is also used for the inner areas of the seats and on the dash. Rounding off the interior design is the unique X-shaped decorative stitching, which accentuates the SUV character.

Stay tuned for more details...