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Lane Assist and Blind spot protection

Lane assist is designed to keep the vehicle within its lane and if necessary keep the driver alerted of an unwanted lane change by cameras which are attached to the back of the car. Blind spot detection uses a radar to prevent the driver from failing to notice a car in the blind spot behind or beside the car. If necessary it will provide a warning signal to the driver in the outer corner of the wing mirrors. Only available in combination with electrically adjustable front seats.

Rear view parking camera

The rear-view parking camera is there to make parking manoeuvre effortless. The camera is positioned on the boot handle and provides a visual of what is behind the car. Sensors are available to detect when you are to close to another object.

Virtual Pedal

Hover your foot underneath the number plate where the sensor lies and the boot slowly rises up.To close the boot simply touch inside and it will automatically close. The boot can also be opened and closed with a button on the car key.

Keyless entry and start/stop

Keyless Entry and Start System (KESSY) allows the driver to lock and unlock the car as well as start and stop the engine without having to insert or even handle the key. If the key is within 1.5m of the sensor, KESSY will ensure you can check the car is locked, prevent you from locking the key inside and stop unwanted access.

Skoda Connect

Skoda connect consists of infotainment online, care connect and emergency call. The Infotainment Online package offers reports on the traffic situation, latest news, the weather forecast and also allows for more advanced navigation in connection with Google Earth. Emergency Call detects if the airbag control unit has been triggered and instantly connects to our ŠKODA Emergency Centre. Care Connect allows you to sound your horn, flash your lights, view your parking position, receive alerts if your car alarm has been activated, and even review the status of your vehicles fuel tank. Car Care is accessible via your smartphone and the ŠKODA Connect app.

Keyless entry and start/stop

Columbus touchscreen satellite navigation system with integrated Wi-Fi

Columbus satellite navigation with 9.2" touchscreen display and integrated Wi-Fi

DVD drive

SmartLink+ (including Apple CarPlay™ , Android Auto™ and Mirrorlink™ connectivity)

DAB digital radio

SD card reader

USB port

ŠKODA Connect



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