Benefits of a Sytner Select Warranty

All Mechanical, All Electrical

This warranty covers almost all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour to fit them), of the covered vehicle against mechanical and electrical breakdown as defined below.

The individual claim limit is £4,000. There is no restriction to the number of claims you can make, up to an overall aggregate claim limit which is no more than the value of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

Mechanical or electrical breakdown is the failure of a component, causing a sudden stoppage of its function, for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence.

Damage caused by the effect of overheating is not regarded as a mechanical or electrical breakdown under the terms of the warranty. You are covered only for the parts described in the T&C's here. Your warranty does not cover more than the manufacturer's list price for parts. Repairs must not start without the prior approval of Sytner Select Warranty.

What is Covered?

Your Sytner Select Warranty covers almost all mechanical and electrical components on your vehicle, for mechanical and electrical breakdown, subject to the conditions detailed in this handbook and the maximum claim limit. There are some components, such as service items, which are not covered.

What is not covered?

Whilst you have a high level of warranty cover available, there are certain items which this warranty specifically does not cover and this includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Body components such as strikers, hinges or any component which may require adjustment from time to time.

  • Body panels, paintwork or glass.

  • Interior trim including seat and seat belts.

  • Recharging of the air conditioning unit (unless required as part of a valid repair).

  • Software updates (unless required as part of a valid warranty repair).

  • Renewal of brake components due to wear and tear or constant use of the brakes.

  • Renewal of any clutch components due to wear, incorrect adjustment or misuse.

  • The clearing of fuel lines, filters, throttle body and pumps and damage to components due to the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.

  • Non-factory fitted radio cassette, CD player or any other in-car entertainment component.

  • Normal maintenance services, and the replacement of such items as, but not limited to, spark plugs and plug leads.

  • Airbags, wiring and connections, batteries, bulbs, LED lighting, exhaust systems (catalytic converters are covered), diesel particulate filters, wiper blades, wheel balancing and alignment, wheels, tyres and water ingress (including damage to covered parts caused by water).

  • Oil leaks, lubricants, filter elements and any damage caused by frost or lack of anti-freeze, impact, accident or negligence.

  • Traffic management system, satellite navigation system, telephone including Bluetooth, TV/DVD and associated equipment of all types.

  • Weather strips and body seals.

  • Any damage or losses to components that are not directly covered within the terms of this warranty.

  • Damage resulting from the failure of a timing belt which has not been replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations (proof required).