Make sure you get a grip

Check the tread and keep up the pressure

Carrying heavy loads like fully laden vans, minibuses and motorhomes puts extra pressure and wear on tyres. Extra weight escalates fuel consumption, increases stopping distances and makes accidents more likely, so it’s vital that not only your tyre pressure and tread depths are regularly checked, but also that the correct tyres are fitted.

Finding the right tyres

Wear and tear can be made worse by poorly fitted tyres, or choosing the wrong tyres altogether. The best tyres for you van are always those it came with when new, so we highly recommend seeking advice from North Wales Van Centre if you’re considering fitting tyres of a different make or specification.

Part worn tyres cost more than just money

If you’re replacing tyres, fitting new tyres is always the safest option. Some providers offer part-worn tyres, however the majority are sold illegally and most concerning, 34% are not roadworthy. Many motorists feel buying part worn tyres can save them money, but its false economy. In fact, per mm of tread, part worn tyres on average work out 19% more expensive and can often be a contributory factor in accidents.

Winter tyres

We’re all aware that snowy, icy conditions have an adverse effect on road safety. However, even cold, damp roads affect tyre performance. Normal tyres have less grip in these conditions. In fact, below 7°C, the tread in normal tyres begins to harden, providing less grip.

Fortunately, there are a range of winter tyres available from reputable manufacturers specifically designed to perform better in cold and wet conditions, reducing the chance of accidents in the winter.