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With VolkswagenWe Connect* your vehicle can now be even more digital, closely integrated and comfortable. A wide range of services can conveniently be accessed through the Transporter 6.1, Caddy and Crafter via your smartphone and the We Connect* App. The app connects your smartphone to the vehicle with an integrated eSIM card. Click on the features below for more information on the We Connect packages, including short videos explaining each function.

The We Connect* package includes various vehicle reports, breakdown call and useful tools for service planning ensuring your vehicle’s information is always up to date. The parking position finder is also included and helps to locate your vehicle. In the event of an accident, should the driver activate the ‘eCall’ button or the airbags are deployed triggering the ‘eCall’ service, the Emergency services will be contacted directly. Vital information such as the condition and location of the vehicle will be sent to emergency response units.

We Connect Basic Features

Safety - Rapid support at the touch of a button. Whether you've broken down or had an accident, We Connect can contact our dedicated staff instantly.

Emergency Call System (eCall) - If you find yourself in an emergency, eCall is there for you. When the airbag is triggered it automatically calls for help and gets assistance as quickly as possible. You can also manually activate eCall using the SOS button on the cab overhead panel.

Automatic Accident Notification - Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle comes with collision sensors that can detect even slight contact. When detected, you'll be given the option to connect to the Volkswagen emergency call centre.

Features in We Connect Plus

Volkswagen's We Connect Plus has additional features to We Connect.

Safety - We Connect Plus comes with enhanced safety features including alerts in the event of attempted theft. Area Alert lets you monitor your vehicle when you’re away from it. You can set it to alert you if your vehicle enters or leaves a certain area during specified windows of time. With Speed Alert you can activate selected speed limits that anyone who drives your vehicle should follow. If they don’t We Connect will send you a notification.

Comfort - Discover the extensive range of features you can control directly from your phone thanks to We Connect. An online upgrade is all you need to get intuitive, natural voice recognition. Using only your voice you can get quick access to both your navigation system and your streaming services by saying "hello Volkswagen". Using We Connect you can control both the horn and the hazard warning lights directly from the app. No more losing your van in car parks.

Discover Navigation - Use We Connect and Discover Navigation together and you can plan your route from your sofa, receive traffic jam alerts, and get directions to the nearest petrol station. Get an overview of petrol and charging stations, including prices and opening hours, delivered directly to your phone via the We Connect app. We Connect’s Traffic Information Service alerts you of any upcoming traffic jams, diversions, and any hazards.

Streaming and Internet

As an addition to Discover Navigation, We Connect’s Streaming and Internet^ features allow your vehicle to surf and stream directly from the integrated eSIM.With the ability to play internet radio and be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the vehicle is more connected than ever. The infotainment system’s internet radio makes browsing and listening to your favourite live stations and podcasts far easier while you’re out and about. The integrated WLAN hot spot provides a stable internet connection for up to eight devices.

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