Free Express Visual Health Check

If you’re in between services but have done a lot of miles, sometimes it’s reassuring to have an expert give your van a quick Health Check. An Express Visual Check (EVHC) at North Wales Commercial vehicles is a 34 point visual check of all the wear and tear items on your van.

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Free Health check on your van

Your EVHC is designed to give you extra peace of mind and allows us to highlight likely wear and tear problems with your van that need addressing immediately or in the near future. And the great news is – it’s free, no matter the age and condition of your van.

Detailed report

You’ll get a detailed report your van, completed by a Volkswagen-trained technician who will use a simple traffic light system. Any potential problems identified will be clearly explained to you in a video showing any evidence to support the report.

Green: All items in full working order

Amber: May need maintenance in the near future

Red: Requires immediate attention.

Quick and convenient

Using the traffic light system we will advise you whether work is urgent and get your approval for any work that needs to be carried out on the day. We will advise of any issues you need to watch out for in the future. As with everything – we know that time is of the essence, so the check only takes around 30 minutes so you have chance to relax and have a coffee in our showroom.