Volkswagen Connected Car

Everything you need to know about Volkswagen Connect, My Volkswagen App and Car-Net

In the modern age of technology it can be a little confusing as to 'what you can do' in your new car, we hope this will answer all your questions


What is Car-Net?

In the latest models of Volkswagens' Car-Net is factory fitted into your infotainment display. Car-Net comes with three essential components:

  • Guide & Inform - provides additional information that exceeds standard satellite navigations. It's connectivity to the internet allows instant updates on traffic, weather, news, points of interest and fuel stations.
  • Security & Service* - Safety is paramount with Car-Net. There are three parts to this:

    • Emergency Call Service - which enables the driver to access manual or automatic emergency calls in emergency situations. e.g car crashes. Additionally it can be used to call help if other road users are involved in an accident with direct access to the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre in order to ensure prompt medical attention.
    • Security & Service Basic - Additional to the Emergency Call Service, basic comes with a Vehicle Health Report, Service Scheduling, Breakdown Call & Automatic Accident Notification.
    • Security & Service Plus - Additional to Basic package, Plus includes: Parking Position locator, Driving Data, Vehicle Status, Doors and Lights, Area Alert, Speed Alert, Horn & Turn Signals & Online Anti-Theft Alarm.
  • App Connect** - Provides three innovative technologies that allow you to access smartphone apps on your infotainment system via MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™

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*The two security & service functions require a customer account to be set up in the Car-Net website **Only available in conjunction with "Composition Media" radio system or the "Discover Media" and "Discover Pro" navigations. Car-Net "App-Connect" includes the MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™. The availability of these technologies may vary from country to country. Car-Net “App-Connect” is already supported by many mobile phones and Volkswagen works closely with major smartphone manufacturers to enable support for Car-Net App-Connect technology. For current information on the compatibility of new mobile phones and ones that are already on the market, please visit

Volkswagen Connect

What is VW Connect?

So you've purchased a used Volkswagen but want more functionality with your standard kit? VW Connect offers retrofit car connectivity for customers' cars dating back to 2008. Each DataPlug is connected to customer's car which will send data to their smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows the customer to view data such as fuel, driving style, recent journeys and a pin point location of where they parked their car.

Main functions of VW Connect:

  • My Volkswagen - fuel level, vehicle details, battery voltage, next service due information
  • Trips - records details of your journeys, driving style and cost of your trips
  • My Challenges - enables the driver score points through driving challenges
  • Service Partner- provides feedback to the retailer when a service is due or warning light messages are displayed
  • Parking Space - records the precise location of where your car is parked
  • Fuel Monitor - detects refuelling and enables the driver to record the details
  • Assistance call - provides a call link to customer services and roadside assistance

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My Volkswagen App

What is the My Volkswagen app?

Sometimes you need to look at what's going on in your car without actually being in it, the My Volkswagen App is designed for just that. Whether you have a new or used Volkswagen or you are currently awaiting your new car the My Volkswagen App is for you.

Main functions of My Volkswagen app:

  • Vehicle delivery tracker
  • Information and support
  • Service history
  • Real time work approval for customers when their car is being serviced
  • Owner's manuals
  • Finance renewal notifications
  • Online service booking

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The VW Connect App and the DataPlug support smartphones with iOS from software version 9.0 and Android operating systems from software version 5.0.