Volkswagen Introduces a new Digital Service Schedule

For vehicles in production from 30 May 2016

The new Volkswagen digital service schedule (DSS) will be launching in May 2016 and will change the way service histories are recorded for cars built from 30 May 2016*.

The digital service record will be used for the life of the vehicle and saved chronologically in Volkswagen AG’s centralised system, removing the necessity to present a service book during your routine appointments.

Switchover period

During the initial 12 months of the launch, service work will still be recorded and stamped in traditional service books for new cars, working in tandem with the new digital system during this period. A print out or PDF copy of the service record will also be available for you each time a service is performed.

Customer benefits

Having a digital service history for cars benefits our customers in a number of ways, including:

  • High level of protection against loss and damage
  • Greater security against forgery and manipulation
  • Secure, accurate and permanent service histories

The digital service record, which can be reproduced at any time, will have a security code on it that can be checked to ensure the print-out is genuine. When coupled with a complete Volkswagen service record, this added security will increase the car’s resale value.

*The one exception to this is all new Tiguan (MQB) models, which will have the digital service schedule regardless of build date.