The ID.3 adds to Volkswagen's trophy cabinet

The Volkswagen ID.3 has been awarded its 13th and 14th wins from UK industry experts, accounting for one third of Volkswagen's 29 wins in 2021 so far. Parkers named the ID.3 its 'Best Medium Electric Car' at its annual awards. The judges were impressed by the model's mix of appeal, long range, interior ergonomics and over all good looks.

Keith Adams, Editor of Parkers, said "The ID.3 is one of those products that's just about perfect on every level. The main reason for winning the award has to be that Volkswagen has created a new electric car that the vast majority of families will be able to use without changing their daily routines - quite an achievement!"

UK publication Carbuyer also joined Parkers to give the ID.3 its 14th awards, naming it the 'Best Small Company Car'. It represents ID.3's second accolade that recognises its merits for business users. Richard Ingram, Editor of Carbuyer, said "If you're after a company car that's good value, spacious inside and easy to live with, with cutting-edge technology and a usable electric range, the Volkswagen ID.3 is impossible to beat."

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Golf GTI triumphs as best used buy

Alongside the ID.3's win, Carbuyer also gave the Golf GTI Mk 7.5 the title of 'Best Used Hot Hatchback' at its annual awards. Ingram commented: "A sound purchase new, the Mk 7.5 Volkswagen Golf GTI blows its rivals out of the water when buying one second-hand. Everything we loved about the hot hatchback at launch still rings true today; strong performance, excellent everyday usability and a high-quality interior. All for a fraction of the price."

The latest win now takes the tally up to seven for the number of times Golf has been celebrated this year at award ceremonies, and adds to the bustling trophy cabinet at Volkswagen, with wins spanning the entire model range.

James Douglas, Head of Sales Operations at Volkswagen UK, said "What a combination of awards - the ID.3 and Golf GTI represent two strengths of our brand in both e-mobility and driving pleasure. And it is great, too, to receive further recognition for our attraction as a used car choice."

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