Volvo Range

Electric Range

The EX30 delivers big performance in a small package. New safety standard are set with the premium 7-seater EX90. The EC40 offers a pure electric crossover experience with a leather-free interior and integrated Google technology. Meanwhile, the EX40, a compact electric SUV, impresses with smart storage solutions, showcasing Volvo's commitment to efficient, eco-friendly driving.

Plug-In Hybrid Range

Volvo's plug-in hybrids, like the XC60 Recharge and XC90 Recharge, seamlessly blend electric and combustion power for an eco-conscious yet powerful driving experience. Prioritising efficiency without compromising on performance, these vehicles exemplify Volvo's commitment to sustainable mobility.

SUV Range

Volvo's SUV lineup offers a dynamic trio: the XC40, compact and city-ready with bold design; the XC60, blending performance and sophistication for a comfortable drive; and the flagship XC90, a luxury SUV boasting spacious three-row seating, cutting-edge tech, and a commitment to environmental responsibility through sustainable materials.

Go Electric

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