Volvo EX30

The smallest ever Volvo SUV

Big electric performance in a small package.

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Need to know


We're delighted that the Volvo EX30 is already making big news, having received several awards from UK car media, including Car of the Year.


The cost of electricity varies, but the cost to charge a car can be lower than the equivalent petrol or diesel car. Lower running costs is one of several reasons some people switch to fully electric cars.


We’ve equipped the EX30 with an advanced safety feature that helps drivers and passengers avoid opening their door into the path of cyclists approaching from behind.

Volvo EX30 range


We’ve crafted four nature-inspired interiors for the EX30. They blend beautifully colour-coordinated upholsteries and décor made from renewable and recycled materials. Designed to have the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date, the EX30 uses renewable and recycled materials in new ways.* Responsible design. A minimalistic design approach and efficient use of materials helped us reduce or eliminate waste. Exterior materials. Around 25 per cent of all aluminium, 17 per cent of all steel and plastics used in the EX30 are recycled. Interior materials. Around 30 per cent of décor parts use recycled plastic, plus recycled and renewable surfaces.

We have created simpler and more customisable driver controls and displays help make driving less complicated and more intuitive. The 12.3” tablet-style centre display keeps driver information at a glance with your favourite controls on the same screen. Use calm view to see only essential driver information on the centre display. Toggle to surround view for all the details. Get your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and more on Google Play right in your car for a seamless experience.


The all-electric Volvo EX30 is ready to join you on all your life’s journeys. With an electric range of up to 298 miles**, 0 g/km CO2 emissions, and acceleration of 0-62 in just 3.6 seconds, you will be reaching your destination in no time. Charging on the go has never been easier. With a 20% charge automatically triggering a charging reminder, the EX30 will offer a list of nearby charging stations where you can charge from 0 to 80% in just 26.5 minutes. And with a Volvo wallbox, your home charging is quicker as well.

In fact, the Volvo EX30 has been designed to have the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo to date, and it has been created using renewable and recycled materials in new ways***. About 25% of the aluminium and 17% of the steel and plastic in the EX30 are recycled, and around 30% of the interior décor uses recycled plastics and renewable surfaces. It also still has all the familiar apps and functions, like built-in GOOGLE, but the driving experience has been made simpler and more customisable helping make your journeys less complicated and more intuitive.

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*Based on lifecycle CO₂ footprint over 200,000 kms of driving using EU27 electricity mix and related to globally available products.
**The figures are preliminary and derive from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for EX30 and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The driving range and energy consumption under real conditions vary depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Vehicle certification pending.